A photo of a boy reading with the caption, free leveled readers for reading fluency practice, learn with emily dot com

Free Leveled Readers for Reading Fluency Practice

Reading practice is essential for developing reading fluency. Although there are a lot of books available to children, it can be challenging to find books at the right level. Leveled readers have been used historically to teach reading and build fluency. Although the current education model for teaching reading generally begins with phonics instruction, readers […]

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How to Occupy Toddlers during homeschool: activity ideas and management strategies

How to Occupy Toddlers During Homeschool: Activity Ideas and Management Strategies

This Ask Me Monday (AMM4) question covers the topic of ways to Occupy toddlers during homeschool. This article includes toddler and pre-school age activity ideas and management strategies. Submitted Question: I’d love some insight….I have soon to be 4 year old twins. One, my daughter, has Down Syndrome. Her brother does not. He is very […]

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an elementary foreign language curriculum review

Elementary Foreign Language Curriculum Review

Although foreign language study usually isn’t required until high school, it may be beneficial to introduce younger children to elementary foreign language curriculum. Some programs are designed for children, and others are designed for general users. This review covers elementary foreign language programs I have used or am familiar with. This review is limited to […]

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ask me monday. 5 ways to motivate a reluctant learner, learn with emily dot com

5 Ways to Motivate a Reluctant Learner

This Ask Me Monday (AMM3) question covers the topics of 1) the first steps in homeschooling, 2) possible reasons for reluctant learning, and 3) ways to motivate a reluctant learner. Submitted Question: We’ve been thinking of homeschooling our son, but I’m concerned with his inability to focus and do an assigned task. He does okay […]

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An image showing Latin print with the caption, a review of elementary latin curricula, learn with emily dot com

A Review of Elementary Latin Curricula

Although officially a dead language, Latin lives on in other languages. About half of English words contain Latin roots. Spanish, French, and Italian also have a Latin base. Studying Latin has many benefits. English and science vocabulary will be easier to understand and remember. If you decide to include an elementary Latin curriculum in your […]

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Benefits of a Facebook education seminar, click here to learn more and for instructions on how to join for free. Learn with emily dot com.

Benefits of a Facebook Education Seminar

In a college setting, an education seminar is a course where the primary focus is to discuss specified topics related to the field of education. In our Facebook Community, we are starting a series of education seminars to meet this same purpose. Topics are selected based on the interests, needs, and suggestions of those in […]

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A language arts curricula review, learn with emily dot com

Language Arts Curricula Review

Language arts is one of the main content areas covered in a child’s education. Language arts generally encompasses the skills of reading and writing. Listening and speaking may also be included in the language arts content area. This post will cover the grammar and spelling aspect of language arts curricula. Links to past Language Arts […]

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