A review of evan-moor's skill sharpeners critical thinking activity book grade k

A Review of Evan-Moor’s Skill Sharpeners Critical Thinking Grade K Book

If you are not familiar with Evan-Moor’s Skill Sharpeners series, they are a set of grade level workbooks covering various content areas including reading, science, math, and more. Last year I tried out the Pre-K Geography book with my 3 year old and she loved it (CLICK HERE to read my review). This year she […]

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a review of evan-moor's daily word problems, learn with emily dot com

A Review of Evan-Moor’s Daily Word Problems Math Book

I first purchased Evan-Moor’s Daily Word Problems books when my oldest child was completing 2nd grade math. He needed extra practice with word problems and I was happy with the results. Although Evan-Moor’s Daily Word Problems book was a great product, they have recently updated the series making it even better. This review is based […]

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A review of All About Reading Pre-Reading level, learn with emily dot com

A Review of All About Reading Pre-Reading

I have been gathering and trying out early phonics curriculum to use with my 4 1/2 year old. I purchased a copy of All About Reading Pre-Reading on E-bay. This review is based on my experiences with this curriculum over the last few weeks. Overview of All About Reading Pre-Reading The Pre-Reading book guides parents […]

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how to make a pecs book, step-by-step instructions for a picture exchange communication system book, learn with emily dot com

How to Make a PECS Book for Communication

I was first introduced to the Picture Exchange Communication (PECS) system as a special education teacher working with autistic children who were functionally non-verbal. When one of my children had a language delay, I used the same system to teach him to communicate. He was later diagnosed with autism. Another one of my children is […]

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2019-2020 elementary level homeschool curriculum picks, learn with emily dot com

2019-2020 Elementary Level Homeschool Picks

It is time to plan curriculum for the new homeschool year. For the 2019-2020 school year, I’ll have a 4 year old ready for level K work, a 1st grader, a 3rd grader, and a 5th grader. This article provides an overview of my elementary level homeschool curriculum selections for the 2019-2020 school year. Language […]

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