how to make a pecs book, step-by-step instructions for a picture exchange communication system book, learn with emily dot com

How to Make a PECS Book for Communication

I was first introduced to the Picture Exchange Communication (PECS) system as a special education teacher working with autistic children who were functionally non-verbal. When one of my children had a language delay, I used the same system to teach him to communicate. He was later diagnosed with autism. Another one of my children is […]

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2019-2020 elementary level homeschool curriculum picks, learn with emily dot com

2019-2020 Elementary Level Homeschool Picks

It is time to plan curriculum for the new homeschool year. For the 2019-2020 school year, I’ll have a 4 year old ready for level K work, a 1st grader, a 3rd grader, and a 5th grader. This article provides an overview of my elementary level homeschool curriculum selections for the 2019-2020 school year. Language […]

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How to Sew Sensory Friendly Seams

If you have a child with sensory processing disorder, you know how difficult it is to find clothing that is comfortable. I have autistic children who have sensory sensitivities, making certain types of clothing very uncomfortable. I have found that sewing clothing in comfortable fabrics can help, however, some children are sensitive to certain types […]

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A review of How to Talk with Friends a step-by-step social skills curriculum for children with autism by Janine Toole ph.D learn with emily dot com

A Review of How to Talk with Friends: A Step-by-Step Social Skills Curriculum for Children with Autism

Although conversation skills generally develop naturally in neurotypical children, autistic children may need to be taught how to engage in conversations with the neurotypical world. How to Talk with Friends, by Janine Toole, is a step-by-step social skills curriculum that teaches conversation skills.  Overview of “How to Talk with Friends: A step-by-step social skills curriculum” […]

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A Review of the Reading comprehension kit for autism and hyperlexia level 2, learn with emily dot com.

A Review of The Reading Comprehension Kit for Hyperlexia and Autism Level 2

Children who can easily read texts may not automatically comprehend the information presented. Autistic children and other children with hyperlexia, may need to be taught specific skills to help them accurately comprehend written text. This article reviews The Reading Comprehension Kit for Hyperlexia and Autism, Level 2. CLICK HERE to read my review of the […]

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6 Best Cast Iron Cookware for Everyday Cooking

I complete most of my baking and cooking in cast iron pans. Cast iron cooking became a priority as a way to address my child’s diet-based iron deficiency symptoms related to autism sensory sensitivities to food. CLICK HERE to read about the benefits of cast iron cooking. Cast iron heats and cooks food evenly. CLICK HERE […]

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DIY Washable Weighted Blanket, learn with emily dot com

DIY Washable Weighted Blanket

Weighted blankets are often recommended for providing calming deep pressure input for individuals with anxiety, ADHD, ASD, and insomnia. The blanket contains some kind of weighting material distributed throughout the blanket to provide overall deep pressure input. This tutorial described the process I use to make a DIY washable weighted blanket. Disclaimer: This tutorial explains […]

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A review of the basic reading comprehension kit for hyperlexia and autism, learn with emily dot com

Review of The Basic Reading Comprehension Kit for Hyperlexia and Autism

One of my autistic children (first grade) is a fluent reader who is able to decode words well above grade level. Her reading comprehension scores, however, are below grade level. This discrepancy points to possible hyperlexia, a condition where a child can read accurately and fluently, but may not understand what they are reading. In […]

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A review of yoga curriculum for children, learn with emily dot com

A Review of Yoga Curriculum for Children

I am an absolute Yoga novice. I have read that Yoga exercises can benefit children diagnosed with autism and children with ADHD. Since this fits my family, I wanted to try Yoga out with my children as part of our P.E. curriculum this school year. I searched the internet and Amazon for Yoga curriculum for […]

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Review of More Autism Language Activities 5-Program Set

The More Autism Language Activities reviewed in this post are from Linguisytem’s Autism & PDD More Picture Stories and Language Activities Sets. I found this set when I was purchasing similar sets for ages 5-8. This review covers my experiences using The Autism More Picture Stories and Language Activities 5-Program Set with my own autistic […]

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