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A Review of Evan-Moor’s Read and Understand Science for Grades 2-3

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When my daughter finished her Daily Reading Comprehension Series for grade 2, I wasn’t quite ready to move her on to grade 3. Since we do school year-round, we have more than 30 weeks of instruction. I also used Daily Science Practice in second grade and wasn’t ready to move her on to Daily Science Practice for grade 3 just yet. After searching through Evan-Moor’s website for other products that would give me more content at the level I wanted as a transition between second and third grade work, I came across Read and Understand Science for grades 2-3, which teaches science content and practices language arts skills. I received a complementary copy of Read and Understand Science in exchange for this review.

Overview of Read and Understand Science

Evan-Moor Read and Understand Science, Grades 2-3 - Teacher Reproducibles, E-book

Read and Understand Science for grades 2-3 includes 27 stories that teach grade level science content. After each story, the unit includes activities covering reading comprehension and vocabulary skills. At the end of each unit is a science or language arts activity.


How to Use Read and Understand Science

General Directions








The included stories range from a low second grade to a high third grade reading level. The stories can be used as shared reading or guided reading. First, introduce science content vocabulary from the “Vocabulary to Teach” page. Next read the story together. The Skills Pages that follow covering comprehension, vocabulary, language arts, etc., can be completed independently or together.

How I Use the Stories

I have my child read the story to herself first. If she has difficulty with any of the comprehension or Skill Pages, I go back through the story with her and model how to find the correct answers. This is a great teaching opportunity to model comprehension skills.



Read and Understand Science is so easy to use and requires almost no prep time. As a busy mom, minimal prep time is not only my preference, it is what I need in order to fit in everything I have to get done each day. Since I have the e-version of Reading and Understand Science, I do need to print out the pages my child needs, but no additional preparation is required. My child reads the story and then does the related comprehension, science, and language arts pages. For children who are not confident readers, you can read the story together and provide assistance and explanations as needed.









I love that Read and Understand Science is a two-for-one product. My child gets reading comprehension practice while learning grade level science content. As an added bonus, additional activities are included that support and review additional language arts skills, such as writing.

Aligns with Grade Level Standards

One of my favorite features of Evan-Moor products is that you can check correlations on their product website to see how the product aligns with state standards for eduction. Although Read and Understand Science covers science concepts, it is also a great product for practicing language arts skills. Reading, writing, comprehension, and vocabulary are all covered. When I use Read and Understand Science with my children, I know that they are getting quality science content and practice applying language arts skills (that align with grade-level standards) in a content area.


I highly recommend using Read and Understand Science. I will continue using the additional levels as my children progress over the years. The grade levels available include 1-2, 2-3, 3-4, and 4-6+. This product is a great way to practice reading and comprehension skills in the science content area. Additional practice in language arts is an added bonus that promotes generalization of skills.

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  1. What a great way to teach multiple subjects in single lessons!

    I’ve used the a couple of the other Read and Understand books, but not the science one! Thanks for sharing this helpful review!

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