Hi! I am Dr. Redhair. I hope you enjoy the content on this blog.

About me

I am a 40-something homeschooling mom with children who have special needs including autism, ADHD, giftedness, and anxiety. A rigid adherence to routine and sensory sensitivities are a part of everyday life.

Education & Experience

My professional experience includes:

  • teaching special education in both public and private school settings
  • teaching undergraduate and graduate college courses in education and behavior
  • homeschooling children with special needs

I have a Ph.D. in the field of education with additional 15 credit hour certificates in autism and behavior analysis. I also have an undergraduate degree in Speech and Hearing Science.

Purpose of this blog

As a mom and a professional, I want to provide information and insight into autism, behavior, curriculum, special education, and anything related. I would also like to answer questions and provide resources for working with children.

I also love sewing and will include sewing and craft projects. I figure I might as well blog about them as I am always working on sewing projects. I have found sewing to be extremely beneficial as my children have strong sensory sensitivities and will not wear many types of store bought clothing.

I will also write about recipes that my children will eat (again related to strong sensory sensitivities) as well as diabetic and heart healthy recipes. As a diabetic, I have to watch my carb intake carefully to keep my blood sugar in range.