4 ways to adapt writing curricula for reluctant writers

4 Ways to Adapt Writing Curricula for Reluctant Writers

There are a lot of writing curriculum options to choose from, but even with the best writing curriculum, you may stumped with your reluctant writers. This article describes some adaptations I used with Evan-Moor’s 6-Trait writing series that I used with my 4th grader. These adaptations can be easily applied to any writing assignment or […]

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Image of a person sleeping with a book on top of them and the caption, dyslexia and fatigue: probable causes, a simulation, and treatment, learn with emily dot com

Dyslexia and Fatigue: Probable Causes, a Simulation, & Treatment

Dyslexia is a reading disability that results in difficulty learning to read and decode words, but does not affect general intelligence.  Symptoms include reading below grade level, difficulty with phonemic awareness, and difficulty with decoding. Parents and teachers of children with dyslexia may notice that literacy activities result in fatigue. Although there seems to be […]

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an overview of the fernald method for teaching reading to individuals with severe learning disabilities, learn with emily dot com

The Fernald Method for Severe Reading Disabilities

The Fernald Method is a whole-word multi-sensory approach to teach reading to individuals with severe learning disabilities. The approach has been documented in research as effective with this population (as cited in Boss & Vaughn, 1998). This article provides an overview of the Fernald teaching methodology. The Fernald Method can also be used for spelling instruction. […]

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