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A Review of Phonics Reading Curricula

Phonics reading curricula teaches children to decode words by recognizing letter combinations and blending sounds together. A quality phonics program will also work on building phonemic awareness. CLICK HERE to read an overview of research regarding phonics reading programs. I personally use an unpublished phonics program to teach decoding skills. This phonics reading curricula review […]

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A photo of children's books with the caption, a phonics overview prerequisite skills, research findings, and program components, learn with emily dot com

A Phonics Overview: Prerequisites, Research, & Components

A phonics based approach to reading instruction will teach children how to decode unfamiliar words. Decoding skills involve 1) recognizing letters, letter combinations, and word patterns, 2) knowing the corresponding sounds for each letter and letter combination, and 3) blending those sounds together to form words. This phonics overview covers the prerequisite skills for learning […]

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image of chalkboard with simple words and the caption: what are the prerequisite skills for reading? click here to learn more, learn with emily dot com

What are the Prerequisite Skills for Reading?

The purpose of reading instruction is silent reading comprehension. The three components that contribute to silent reading comprehension are word identification, whole-text print processing, and language comprehension. This post will address word identification, namely, the methods and prerequisite skills for reading individual words. (McCauley & Fey, 2006) There are two direct approaches for teaching word […]

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