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Protein Power Gummy Recipe

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Many children who have sensory sensitivities also have a restricted diet. Many textures, tastes, and smells are aversive for them. Getting a child a balanced diet becomes a high stress priority. The suggestion that they will grow out of it or that they will eat if they are hungry enough just does not apply to these children. They would starve rather than eat something aversive to them. When my child was not eating meat, I had to find a way to get more protein in her diet. This Protein Power Gummy Recipe uses natural ingredients and adds needed protein* to the diet.

*This information is not meant as medical advise. Please consult your doctor or dietician for counsel on your individual situation.

Protein Power Gummy Recipe Ingredients

  • 7 Tablespoons of Great Lakes Unflavored Gelatin (the orange can)
  • 2 cups of juice or 1/2 cups of frozen juice concentrate + 1 1/2 cups water
  • 6 Tablespoons of sugar

The Great Lakes Unflavored Gelatin is pure protein. It has 11 grams of protein per Tablespoon.

Although I use sugar in my recipe, other more natural substitutes could be used. If you use honey or agave, you will need to adjust the total liquid to be 2 cups.

Additional Supplies

This recipe may take a while to make. Be prepared to spend some time filling the molds. I have both the bear and heart molds above. I use all that I have, but I prefer the heart molds as they hold more of the mixture. Larger molds mean less fill time. It took me about 10 minutes to full 3 heart shaped molds with distractions (young children needing help with various things).

DirectionsGelatin sitting on juice mixture in pot in protein power gummy recipe

Pour the juice and sugar in a small saucepan and whisk together. Then sprinkle the gelatin in the juice. Do not stir yet.

Let it sit for 5-10 minutes. The gelatin will start to soak into the liquid on its own. Put on the stove and turn on the heat tgelatin after sitting for 5 minutes on juice mixture in protein power gummy recipeo medium.

Whisk until the gelatin is dissolved.

Then turn down to low to keep warm while you fill the gelatin whisked into juice in protein power gummy recipemolds. Place the molds on a small cookie sheet for stability. Use the dropper to fill each mold.
the juice mixture with gelatin diluted from the protein power gummy recipeProtein power gummy recipe in a heart mold




Once filled, place in the freezer for 15 minutes. Release the gummies by pushing them out of the mold. Keep the leftover gummies refrigerated.Protein power gummy recipe hearts on a white lid


When I make these, I rotate through my molds. I have 4 gummy bear molds and 4 heart molds. I fill 2 gummy molds, and place them in the freezer. Then I fill 2 more bear molds, and place them in the freezer on top of the ones already going (if you lay the cookie sheets at an angle, they will stack without touching the molds below them). Then I fill my heart molds. By that time, my bottom layer is ready to come out of the freezer. I do plan on replacing my bear molds with hearts just to save time.

I hope you enjoy this Protein Power Gummy Recipe. My kids love to eat these. My kids devoured the batch I made in these photos in less than an hour. It does take some time to fill the tiny gummy molds. Save even more time by pouring the mixture in a greased pan and cutting into pieces once hardened.

In the photProtein power gummy recipe put on a flat sheet and cut with a pizza cuttero to the left, I poured the juice/gelatin mixture in a pan and froze for 15 minutes. Then I tipped it over on a cutting mat and cut into pieces with a pizza cutter. The mold shapes are fun (i.e., hearts and bears), but this method is much faster if you are short on time.

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