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A Review of Evan-Moor’s Language Fundamentals

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Evan-Moor has come out with a series of Fundamentals books to help teach core academic skills, such as reading comprehension and math. Language Fundamentals is another book in this series to teach grammar and other language skills. The language program I was previously using worked well with my auditory learner, but was not working out for my second grader, a visual/kinesthetic learner. In my search for a new language program, I was excited for the opportunity to try out Evan-Moor’s language curriculum. I received a free copy of Language Fundamentals Grade 2 in exchange for this review.


Language Fundamentals, Grade 2 - Print

The second grade Language Fundamentals book covers grammar skills, mechanics, usage, vocabulary, and spelling. It is really an all-in-one language teaching book. Like Evan-Moor’s other Fundamental series books, the language book aligns with grade level teaching standards so you can be confident that the child will not have gaps in grade level language skills.

How to Use Language Fundamentals

1) Use the book to Teach Language Skills

When I began using Language Fundamentals, I started the book from the beginning. The grammar skills are covered first, which is what I needed to review with my second grader. The book can really be used in any sequence. You can just go through the table of contents and pick out the areas your child needs to cover in any order.

2) Pair Language Fundamentals with Daily Language Skills for a complete Language Program

Language Fundamentals, Grade 2 - Print  Daily Language Review, Grade 2 - Teacher's Edition, Print 

I recently started using Daily Language Review (full review to come in a few weeks) and can see how this product pairs perfectly with Language Fundamentals. Daily Language review provides short language practice exercises. You can continue to use Language Fundamentals as your teaching curriculum and then use Daily Language Review for language skill practice. You can also use Daily Language Review as an evaluation tool to determine which skills the child needs to review in the Fundamentals book.

Daily practice titles from Evan-Moor, trusted by teachers and ideal for students


Since my second grader is autistic and our previous auditory-based language program was not really working for her, I really didn’t know how well she would respond to Language Fundamentals. I am pleased to say Language Fundamentals is working for her. She is understanding the grammar concepts we have covered over the past month. Grammar concepts can be abstract and may be difficult for some children to understand, but my daughter is getting it with Language Fundamentals.

Final Recommendations

Language Fundamentals has been helpful for my second grader and I would definitely recommend this book to others. CLICK HERE to see sample pages and to learn more on Evan-Moor’s website.

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