A Review of Evan-Moor’s Draw Then Write 1-3

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I have been using Evan-Moor’s 6-Trait Writing books with my children this school year. Although I like 6-Trait Writing, sometimes it can be helpful to occasionally vary writing activities to a different product for interest and motivation. One of my children loves drawing, so I have introduced Evan-Moor’s Draw Then Write activities with her in between our 6-Trait Writing units. This review is based on my experiences using Draw Then Write 1-3 with my second grader.

Draw?Then Write, Grades 1-3 - Teacher Resource Book, Print

Overview of Draw Then Write 1-3

The Draw Then Write book includes 31 drawing subjects. Most of the subjects are animals, but a few vehicles and a castle are also included. For each drawing subject, there are three pages of drawing/writing activities as follows:

Day 1: 3-step how to draw activity with fill-in the blank section about the drawing.

Day 2: A 3-step how to draw activity using a little more detail than the previous day.

The writing activity has the child answer questions about the subject drawn such as:

  • Who or what?
  • Did what?
  • Where?
  • When?
  • Why?

Then the child writes a sentence about the subject.

Day 3: After two days of a step-by-step drawing activity, the child is ready to draw the subject without step-by-step instructions.

Instead, the drawing activity includes a written instruction about what to draw. For example, “Draw the turtle hiding in its shell under a bush.” Next the writing activity includes a prompt to go with the drawing (e.g., “Explain why the turtle is hiding.).








My daughter loves drawing and has enjoyed learning to draw the subjects. She is also motivated to complete the writing activities to go with her drawings. The book is not progressive, so you can pick drawing/writing subjects to complete in any order.

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This product is not a comprehensive writing curriculum. It is a fun way to practice writing while learning to draw animals and other child friendly subjects. Draw Then Write is a supplemental product to be used in addition to a writing curriculum, such as Evan-Moor’s 6-Trait Writing. CLICK HERE to read my review of 6-Trait Writing. CLICK HERE to read my review of elementary writing curricula.

Final Recommendations

If your child enjoys drawing and wants to learn how to draw, I think they would enjoy Draw Than Write. This product is a fun way to practice writing that may be motivating for many children.

Draw?Then Write, Grades 1-3 - Teacher Resource Book, E-book Draw?Then Write, Grades 1-3 – Teacher Resource Book, E-book

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  1. Thank you for sharing this review, Emily! My kids enjoy learning how to draw basic objects with this book, and it does inspire some quick writing activities they enjoy.

    I will say that I have had a bit of fun learning to draw things from this book, too! LOL

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