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A Review of Autism Language Activities 5-Program Set

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The Autism Language Activities reviewed in this post are from Linguisytem’s Autism & PDD Picture Stories and Language Activities Sets. I first came across this series while teaching special education to autistic children. This review covers my experiences using The Autism Picture Stories and Language Activities 5-Program Set with my own autistic children.

Overview of Autism Language Activities 5-Program Set

autism language activities

This language activity set covers the themes of animals, spring, summer, fall, and winter. Like the Social Skills set from the same publisher and author (CLICK HERE to read my review of the Social Skills Set), each story includes 4 pictures and a teacher script for each picture. These story sets are designed for children ages 3-8 to help develop vocabulary, play, and sequencing skills. They also work on prediction, feelings, and answering questions.

The stories present a situation and then something unexpected may happen at the end of the story. The lesson book includes a 2-day lesson plan for each story. Language and comprehension questions are also included in the form of a set of yes/no questions and a second set of wh- questions.

Benefits Autism Language Activities 5-Program Set

My children really liked these Matt and Molly stories (the two main characters). They find the stories interesting and like them included in our nightly story time. Some of the stories have served as a starting point for some great problem solving discussions. For example, in one story from the summer-themed set, Matt decides to take a nap under a tree, but gets hit in the head with falling apples. Matt decides to wear a helmet so he can continue to take a nap under a tree. My children and I were able to discuss other places Matt could take a nap and talk about why sleeping under a tree with falling fruit wasn’t such a good idea (even with a helmet on).

Limitations Autism Language Activities 5-Program Set

I really didn’t find any major set backs to using this program series. My children enjoyed the stories. One child did say she liked the Social Skills Set better as the stories were funnier.


I do recommend this language series by Patricia Koski. My children have enjoyed the short stories and have continued to love the Matt and Molly characters. These stories have allowed my children to work on comprehension skills and to discuss the reasons behind situations and also other alternatives to some of the stories presented.

Where to Buy Autism Language Activities 5-Program Set

As far as I know, the Autism & PDD Picture Stories and Language Activities 5 Program Set is only available from Linguisystems (not an affiliate link). Individual theme story sets (i.e., Animals, Fall, etc.) can be bought individually or purchased as an entire set.



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