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A Review of Evan-Moor’s Daily Word Problems Math Book

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I first purchased Evan-Moor’s Daily Word Problems books when my oldest child was completing 2nd grade math. He needed extra practice with word problems and I was happy with the results. Although Evan-Moor’s Daily Word Problems book was a great product, they have recently updated the series making it even better. This review is based on my experiences using the updated version of the first grade Word Problem book over the past 20 weeks.

Overview of Daily Word Problems

Evan-Moor Daily Word Problems, Grade 1 - Teacher's Edition, Print

Evan-Moor’s Daily Word Problems books provide 36 weeks of easy to present and no-prep daily practice problems for grades 1 to 6. If you purchase the ebook, there is minimal preparation for printing out the practice pages.

Daily word problems fun facts

The first grade book includes weekly themes and a list of fun facts relating to the theme on day 5.

Benefits of Daily Word Problems







The themes, font, and pictures have been perfect for my first grader. Some days he will even ask to complete extra problems as he is so motivated by the drawings and topics.

Clear Scope and Sequence

daily word problems scope and sequence

One of my favorite features of Evan-Moor’s Daily Practice books is the included Scope and Sequence chart. I use these to keep track of my child’s progress and to evaluate if I need to review any concepts that are tricky for them. CLICK HERE to see examples of how I use the Scope and Sequence charts to assess, remediate, and monitor math concepts.

Great supplement for any math program

If your child needs a little extra practice with word problems, Evan-Moor has you covered with Daily Word Problems. The skills covered align with grade-level standards to ensure children are practicing all of the needed skills. This book also pairs well with Math Fundamentals and Daily Math Practice. CLICK HERE to read more about how to use Evan-Moor math products as a core math curriculum.


Evan-Moor Math Fundamentals, Grade 1 - Teacher Reproducibles, Print

Daily Math Problems books are practice books and do not provide instruction on math computation skills. Pair this product with your core math curriculum or Evan-Moor’s Math Fundamentals to teach grade level computation and concepts.


I have used Daily Word Problems for years as a supplement to our core math curriculum to provide my children with the extra practice they needed with word problems. Now that I use Evan-Moor as our core math curriculum (CLICK HERE to read 6 reasons why), I still use the Word Problems books as I love the quality and value of this product. I highly recommend this Evan-Moor product. CLICK HERE to go to Evan-Moor’s website to see more sample pages and different grade level options.

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