a review of evan-moor's building spelling skills, grade 1, learn with emily dot com

A Review of Evan-Moor’s Building Spelling Skills, Grade 1.

Spelling skills are one important component in a child’s writing development. Although there are many ways to approach spelling skills, one of the most common in the public school system is to provide a list of words to memorize each week. In order to promote spelling competence, word lists should be appropriate for the skill […]

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hands-on spelling with unifix cubes, toys, or other manipulatives, learn with emily dot com

Hands-On Spelling with Unifix Cubes

In reading, children can learn phonetic rules and sound out words or they can learn through whole-word methods. Similarly, there are two paths in learning to spell. Spelling skills can be taught through the phonetic rules for encoding words or though memorizing the sequence of letters for an entire word. Traditional spelling activities require copying […]

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