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A Review of Twig and Tale’s Wild Things Shoe Pattern

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I am always on the search for footwear for my autistic children that will be tolerated. Sensory sensitivities make shoe shopping especially difficult for some of my children. I recently bought the Twig and Tale Wild Things Shoe Pattern and am very pleased with the results.

Pattern Overview

Twig and Tale has 2 shoe patterns. The Wayfarer is their basic shoe pattern and the Wild Things shoe pattern is the upgrade. If you buy the Wild Things Shoe pattern, you have the pieces needed to make the Wayfarer as well. The pattern can be bought in 2 different size ranges (baby or child) or bundled and bought together (ranging from baby size 1 to youth size 4). A foot chart is also included in the pattern tutorial to ensure you are making the right size for the child/infant.

Difficulty Level of the Wild Things Shoe Pattern

I would rate this pattern as appropriate for someone who can:

  • Sew a straight line and accurately around curves
  • The Wild things version requires some hand embroidery (directions are included in the pattern).
  • The sole lining requires flipping the project inside out and to hand stitch the lining closed

Materials for the Wild Things Shoe

For the 4 pairs I made, I used fleece as lining and grip fabric for the soles. On two of the pairs I used twill for the outer fabric, on one pair I used quilting cotton, and on the last pair I used french terry. These shoes are great scrap busters as they require little fabric. You can also repurpose old clothes (like jeans) or thrift store items for the shoes. The pattern instructions include suggestions for all of these options.

If you want the child to be able to wear the shoes outdoors, leather or toughtek can be used for the soles.


Wild Things Shoe

I love the way the shoes turned out. I made the cat and bear versions. The pattern also includes pattern pieces for a bunny, fox, panda, mouse and raccoon.

Wayfarer Version of the Shoe Pattern


This version can out perfectly as well. The fit is spot on and is approved by my child who has the strongest sensory sensitivities in regards to the way clothing and shoes feel.

The seams are completely encased with a sole lining piece, make the shoes comfortable for sensory sensitive children.

Final Recommendations

I do highly recommend this pattern. The drafting and sizing are perfect. I didn’t need to make any fit adjustments (which is unusual when compared to other shoe or slipper patterns I have tried). You can purchase this shoe pattern at twigandtale.com.

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