How to Sew a DIY Bowser Costume

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This post is a tutorial with links, supplies, and directions on how I created a DIY Bowser Costume for my almost 4 year old.

Overview on Sewing a DIY Bowser Costume

DIY Bowser CostumeDIY Bowser Costume








This tutorial describes the process I used to create a Bowser costume for my child. Drawings of pattern pieces are not to scale and are used to demonstrate how I modified the linked pattern to create this costume.




DIY Bowser Costume

The top is color blocked to include set-in arm and neck bands. The abdomen is sewn on top of the shirt before assembly. The pants are cut and sewn in yellow cotton lycra according to pattern instructions.

Color Blocking Directions for this DIY Bowser Costume









Start with the bodice pattern pieces. Cut out your bodice front and back from yellow cotton lycra. Then, draw an oval like shape on your pattern piece for the abdomen applicate. Cut out your abdomen shape out of white fleece.

Pin the white fleece abdomen piece onto the bodice front. Attach to the bodice front by sewing around the edges in a stretch or zig zag stitch. Then draw horizontal lines with a slight upward curve at each end, spaced ___” apart with a washable marker. Sew on top of these lines with a stretch or zig zag stitch. Next sew the bodice front to back at shoulder seams.


To make the neckband, draw a pattern piece with a width of 5″ and a length based on the measurements included in your pattern for the size you are sewing. Cut out and sew according to pattern directions.









Lay out your sleeve pattern piece. Draw a set of parallel lines, perpendicular to the folded edge, to form your arm band piece. For the 4T size, I drew my parallel lines 2 and 1/4 inches apart.








Cut on your horizontal lines to split the sleeve pattern piece into three pieces. Next add seam allowances to where you split the pattern. I added a half inch to mine.

Cut out your sleeve top and bottom pieces out of yellow cotton lycra. Cut the arm band and sleeve cuff out of black cotton lycra. Your sleeve cuff measurements are included in the pattern directions. Sew the sleeve pieces together to form a complete sleeve with the arm band. Next follow pattern directions to attach sleeves to arm cycle and continue to sew together as described in the pattern directions.


Once your top and pants are complete, paint silver or gray circles on the black bands to represent the spikes on Bowsers bands. I chose paint over other options as I wanted the costume comfortable to wear and washable.


CLICK HERE for a free pattern and tutorial on how to make your own Bowser shell. These instructions and pattern would also easily adapt to a Koopa costume or any other turtle costume.


DIY Bowser Costume

To create the tail, I used the free tutorial I found TatorTotsandJello. The original design is for a woven fabric. I used fleece in my tail without any problem. If I were to make it again, I would use my spike pattern (from the free turtle shell pattern) for the tail spikes instead of the method used in the linked tail tutorial.


To make the feet, I used the Wild Things Slipper Pattern from Peekaboopatternshop. Click here for more information or to purchase the Wild Things Slipper Pattern. I used yellow fleece for the slippers and white fleece for the nails. I followed the pattern and directions without making any changes.


For the hat, I used the Jalie winter hat pattern in fleece. Any basic winter hat pattern would work. I just sewed on spikes, hair, and eyebrows in fleece.

Completed DIY Bowser Costume

DIY Bowser CostumeDIY Bowser Costume








I hope your child loves their Bowser costume as much as my child loves hers!



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