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Five Reasons to Love the Loog 3 String Guitar

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I have been using the Loog Mini with my children for over a month now. This little guitar is fun to play. This post describes 5 reasons I love the Loog 3 String Guitar and I think you will too.

3 string guitar

5 Reasons to Love the Loog 3 String Guitar

1. Pairs Perfectly with the Alfred’s Kid’s Guitar Course Book 1

3 string guitar

I bought the Alfred’s Kid’s Guitar Course, Book 1, several years ago when my oldest child was interested in guitar. This guitar book only teaches chords and notes on the first 3 strings, so it really is a perfect fit for a Loog 3-string guitar.

2. 3-String Chords are Easier to Learn

Although I have played the piano for years, I have only dabbled in guitar for about a decade. I haven’t made much progress due to limited time for learning or playing, but as I teach my children, I am able to easily pick up and memorize the simplified 3-string chords. My children are learning the 3-string chords quickly too.

3. Perfect for Children who Want to Learn the Guitar

Since the Loog Mini only has 3-strings, the neck is narrower than a 6-string guitars or even than a 4-string ukulele. This narrow neck is much easier for small hands to manipulate. Fewer strings are also easier to learn to play. Children can learn the 3-string chords without the distraction of having to ignore additional strings or remembering not to strum the extras.

Kids’ Guitar Reimagined: Loog Guitars

4. The Loog is Easier on the hands and Wrist

When my oldest child was first interested in guitar, he quickly gave up due to finger and wrist fatigue. Pushing those strings on a regular 6-string guitar can be uncomfortable. The Loog has nylon strings, which are easier on the figures. The narrow neck is also easier on the hands and wrist for both my children and me.

5. Skills Easily Transfer to a 6-string guitar

Once you learn the chords and notes on a 3-stirng guitar, you can pick up any 6-string guitar and play exactly the same thing. Also, once you are ready to transfer your skills to a 6-string guitar, it will be easier to learn the more complex chord patterns.

Conclusion on the Loog 3-String Guitar

The Loog 3-string guitar is a perfect match for beginners. Learn the simplified chords without finger or wrist fatigue. Then when you are ready to progress to a 6-string instrument, easily transfer your knowledge and play what you have already learned while you expand your guitar skills.

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