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Top 20 Blog Posts of 2018

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Have you read my most popular posts? I have my top 20 blog posts of 2018 listed below!

 #20: Learn more about Beast Academy Math

Beast Academy Math: A Curriculum Review

#19: Make your own Edmark style learning activities

How to Create Edmark Style Learning Activities

#18: Learn more about The Writer’s Jungle

A Review of Brave Writer’s The Writer’s Jungle

#17: Homeschooling Preschool

Homeschool Preschool Curriculum and Resources

#16: Dyslexia and Fatigue

Dyslexia and Fatigue: Probable Causes, a Simulation, & Treatment

#15: Free Homeschool Resources

Free Homeschool Curriculum Sources

#14: Make fleece socks

DIY Fleece Socks: A Review of 3 Patterns

#13: How to help your child with a blood draw

4 Steps to Prepare an Autistic Child for a Blood Draw

#12: Whole word reading method

A Stimulus Fading Whole Word Reading Method

#11: Cursive handwriting

A Review of Cursive Handwriting Programs

#10: Where to get free readers in digital format.

Free Leveled Readers for Reading Fluency Practice

#9: Writing with Ease vs. Brave writer.

A Comparison of Brave Writer and Writing with Ease

#8: Multi-Sensory handwriting

How to Teach Handwriting: A Multi-Sensory Handwriting Approach

#7: Learn more about Edmark, a whole word reading program.

An Edmark Reading Program Review

#6: How to help children with math facts.

How to Help Children who Struggle with Math Facts

#5: Fernald method for teaching reading.

The Fernald Method for Severe Reading Disabilities

#4: Overview of whole word reading methods

An Overview of Whole Word Reading Methods and Curriculum

#3: This post explains the prerequisite skills for learning to read.

What are the Prerequisite Skills for Reading?

#2: Visual discrimination skills are a prerequisite for learning to read. This post explains how to assess important visual discrimination skills.

How to Assess Visual Discrimination Skills

#1: This is my most popular post from 2018. It is actually my number one post every single day. I’ll be working on more DIY weighted product posts in 2019! Watch for a weighted lap pad, weighted vest, and weighted toys.

DIY Washable Weighted Blanket

Conclusion on Top 20 Blog posts of 2018

I hope you enjoyed these posts! If you have any blog post requests or information you would like to see covered, feel free to send me an e-mail!

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