a round up of evan moor's skill sharpeners activity book reviews from learn with emily dot com

A Round-Up of Skill Sharpeners Activity Book Reviews

Evan-Moor’s Skill Sharpeners activity books are a fun series of colorful workbooks for children from age preschool to 6th grade. You can get workbooks for science, spelling, geography, spelling & writing, reading, grammar & punctuation, math, and critical thinking skills. These are my absolute favorite for preschoolers who want to do school. My preschooler’s personal […]

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A review of All About Reading Pre-Reading level, learn with emily dot com

A Review of All About Reading Pre-Reading

I have been gathering and trying out early phonics curriculum to use with my 4 1/2 year old. I purchased a copy of All About Reading Pre-Reading on E-bay. This review is based on my experiences with this curriculum over the last few weeks. Overview of All About Reading Pre-Reading The Pre-Reading book guides parents […]

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How to assess reading prerequisite visual discrimination skills, click here for instructions and free printable, learn with emily dot com

How to Assess Visual Discrimination Skills

Visual discrimination is the ability to distinguish the similarities and differences in the detail of visual input. Visual discrimination is a prerequisite skill for learning to read printed text. There are many layers of visual discrimination, progressing from objects to combinations of letters. This article provides the information you need to evaluate if a child […]

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