how to complete and analyze a reading fluency graph. click here for instructions and a free printable, learn with emily dot com

How to Complete and Analyze a Reading Fluency Graph

Running records can be used to evaluate a reading program’s effectiveness over time. In order to evaluate if the current program is sufficient, you will need to complete and analyze a reading fluency graph. How to graph your own results: 1) Download and print this free document:¬†FluencyDataSheetFree 2) Determine the expected fluency rate for your […]

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Photo of boy reading with the caption: the importance of reading fluency, learn with emily dot com

The Importance of Reading Fluency

Reading fluency is the ability to read accurately at the rate of natural speech. A fluent reader recognizes each word by sight. The words in sentences and paragraphs are quickly grouped together¬†allowing the reader to gain meaning from the information. What is the big deal about reading fluency? People who read fluently read with minimal […]

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