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A Review of Ruth Maddock Makes Sensory Sensitive Pants Pattern

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I have multiple autistic children with varying levels of sensory sensitivities to clothing. Tags, seams, and even fabrics can be problematic. In order to find clothes that are comfortable for my children, I have had to not only sew, but I have also had to adjust the way I sew. CLICK HERE to read more about how I sew sensory friendly seams for my children. I am also always on the lookout for sewing patterns that will be comfortable for my children. Ruth from Ruth Maddock Makes contacted me about her children’s pattern line designed to accommodate children with sensory sensitivities. This article reviews her Birdsong sensory sensitive pants pattern, that I received for free in exchange for this review.

Overview of the Birdsong sensory sensitive pants pattern


This is a pdf pattern and so I printed out the Birdsong Trousers on my home computer and glued the pages together to form the pattern pieces. The pattern comes with a sizing box to check that it is printed correctly. I did need to adjust my printing size so that the pattern came out correctly. If you are new to pdf patterns, this step is important. Even an 1/8″ off on the sizing box can change the final fit of the garment.


Although I did not see a sizing chart with measurements in the pattern, I made my son a size 6. He normally wears a size 6 in ready-to-wear clothing and the finished pants fit him perfectly.

Sensory Details

The Birdsong Trouser pattern is designed to accommodate sensory sensitivities by having all of the seams sewn on the outside of the garment. Even the hems and waistband facing are sewn on the outside of the garment. This leaves the inner portion free from bumpy or scratchy seams.

Skill level

The pants pattern is easy to assemble overall, but new sewists may have some difficulty with the sensory friendly seams sewn on the outside of the garment. Finishing the seams on the outside of the pants legs were a little tricky to fit through my sewing machine, but they did fit without any problems.



sensory sensitive pants

I love the large patch pockets on the outside of the pants. When I asked my son if he liked them, he said, “no.” Even though he claims not to like the pockets, he did find them useful later and put things in them.


The waistband casing is sewn on the outside of the pants. This prevents any itchy or bumpy seams that my bother sensitive skin.

Modeled Photos

Conclusions on the Birdsongs Sensory Sensitive Pants

This pattern was a perfect fit for my sensory sensitive child. I would recommend trying out patterns from Ruth Maddock Makes for your sensory sensitive children.

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