A review of the comfy cozy clipper pattern by peek-a-boo pattern shop, learn with emily dot com

A Review of Comfy Cozy Slipper Pattern

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Peek-a-Boo pattern shop is one of my favorite Indie pattern designers. I have made the Comfy Cozy Slipper Pattern many times and in many sizes. Although I tried out and loved the Twig and Tale shoe pattern this year, it only goes up to children’s size 4. The Comfy Cozy Slipper Pattern has a much larger size range and is the one I use for myself and

Pattern Overview

The Comfy Cozy Slipper includes a large size range from toddler (3) all the way to women’s size 8/9. A doll size is also included. The pattern includes an open back slipper design and a closed back slipper design. I have only made the slipper with the back piece. The slipper is fully lined and encloses all seams, making them sensory friendly for my sensory sensitive children.

Difficulty Level

The skills required to sew this pattern include:

  • Sew a straight line
  • Sew around a curve through multiple fabric layers
  • Thread elastic through a casing

Materials needed for the Comfy Cozy Slipper

The pattern listing says that fleece, flannel, and quilting cotton fabrics will work for the outer portion and lining of the slipper. I have personally had better results with this pattern using fleece fabric exclusively.  Non-slip sole fabric is also needed to complete this project.


In previous years, I have had better results when using fleece fabric for the outer and lining portion of the slipper. This may be due to the fact the my children and I all have wider width feet. The pattern includes a 1/2″ seam allowance. To accommodate for our wider feet, I use a 1/4 seam allowance while attaching the soles.








In past years, my slippers have only lasted one season. I wear through the non-slip sole fabric from Jo-Anns. This year I used leather for my soles. My sewing machine did not handle the leather well even while using a leather needle. I had many skipped stitches and hand to sew around the soles several times to get a durable seam.

Final Recommendations

I like and recommend the Comfy Cozy Slipper pattern. It is easy to adjust for wider feet and I wear mine daily during the winter. My sensory sensitive children also find these slipper comfortable. CLICK HERE to see the full pattern listing with more photos from Peek-a-Boo Pattern Shop.

If you are looking for a shoe/slipper pattern that works well without any adjustments for wider feet (only in children’s sizes), CLICK HERE to read about the Wild Things Shoe Pattern.


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