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Homeschool Preschool Curriculum and Resources

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Although pre-schoolers probably do not need school time or a curriculum, when they see older siblings with school work they may become interested in their own. One of my own pre-schoolers demanded to get school work too. Although most of her time is spent playing (as I feel it should), I have learning activities prepared for her to use as she is interested. I follow her lead on if she wants to do the activity and for how long she is interested in participating. This article describes free and paid Homeschool Preschool Curriculum resources.

All-in-one Homeschool Preschool Curriculum Options


Sonlight sells two literature-based preschool programs. One is for 3-4 year olds and the second is for 4-5 year olds. Both include an instructor’s guide and a selection of books that are appropriate for preschoolers. These programs are on the more pricey side, costing hundreds of dollars; however, you do end up with a set of quality books that can be enjoyed for years. The books selected include a Children’s Bible or Bible stories book, Language arts, science, and read-aloud books. Educational toys may also be included in the kits.

Book Shark

Book Shark is similar to the Sonlight program and actually has a very similar set of books included in their preschool package. Unlike Sonlight, Book Shark just has one preschool program recommended for children ages 4-5 years old. Book Shark is a secular program (so no Bible stories) and also includes a detailed instructor’s guide. Pricing is also similar to the Sonlight programs and costs hundreds of dollars.

Easy Peasy All-in-One Homeschooling

This free curriculum provides daily lesson plans that cover basic preschool level skills. You can download and print worksheets to go with the lessons and activities for free or purchase a pre-printed copy.

The Good and the Beautiful

This non-denominational Christian preschool curriculum includes 52 lessons covering letter names and sounds, find motor skills (cutting and tracing), and basic math skills. The recommended age range for this program is 4 years old, although some 3 year olds may be developmentally ready to participate in the activities. Both PDF and print versions are available for purchase. Although not free, this program is priced affordably.

Letter of the Week

This free program provides preschool level ideas for each letter of the alphabet. Ideas for math, science, literature, art, phonics, music, and more are included.

Language Arts Homeschool Preschool Curriculum Options


Exposure to letter names and sounds can happen naturally through play with alphabet toys. CLICK HERE to see my top alphabet toys for learning letter names and sounds. Pinterest also has an abundant supply of pre-reading activity ideas for preschoolers. CLICK HERE to go to my Pinterest board for pre-reading activity ideas.


Evan Moor has a few fun options for reading skills at the preschool level. Jumbo Fun with the Alphabet provides a lot of activities for each letter of the alphabet. CLICK HERE to read my full review of Jumbo Fun with the Alphabet. Basic phonics skills level A teaches phonemic awareness skills that are a prerequisite to learning to read using phonics.


Handwriting is just developing in the preschool years. If a child is interested, there are a variety of fun multi-sensory options. CLICK HERE to read about the multi sensory approach I use for handwriting.


Spending time reading with your child can teach important literacy skills. The child can learn how written language works (e.g., reading left to right, which way is right side up, etc.) if you point to the words as you read simple texts. The library is an excellent source for a variety of books that may interest your child. If you want a series of books to go through, both the Book Shark and Sonlight curriculums provide free lists of their book picks for preschool. You can purchase these or get them from your library as desired.

Math Homeschool Preschool Curriculum Options

 During the preschool years, children can explore math concepts through play activities. Children can learn to recognize numbers and shapes and can practice counting a variety of objects during play. If you want detailed activities and games designed to develop math skills, consider using Preschool Math at Home by Kate Snow.
If your child likes worksheets like my preschooler, Evan Moor’s Everyday Literacy Math may also be a fun way to introduce basic math skills.

Music Homeschool Preschool Curriculum Options

My go-to preschool curriculum for music is Kinderbach. Kinderbach has a series of videos and activities pages that teach basic music and piano skills to young children. My kids have loved using Kinderbach. CLICK HERE to read my full review of the Kinderbach music curriculum.

Art Homeschool Preschool Curriculum Options

My preschoolers have always enjoyed art activities. Stocking quality paper and other washable art materials, such as paints, crayons, markers, and chalk pastels may be enough to engage your little one. If you want some ideas on specific projects and materials for this age group, consider using Art Lab for Little Kids or Preschool Art.

Here are my top art supply picks for preschoolers:

Pacon art paper is my favorite for children. It is designed for multiple mediums. With paper that is too thin, children may become frustrated when they color or paint wholes into the paper. This paper is thick enough to withstand paint.


Dot paints provide an easy way for preschoolers to paint with minimal mess and cleanup.



Chalk pastels are one of my favorite mediums. The colors can be layered and blended for amazing effects. Although a little messier on the hands, chalk pastels are easy to clean up with a wet wipe or wet washcloth.

For crayons, consider making your own Waldorf style block crayons or use any silicone mold for creating a variety of fun shapes. CLICK HERE to learn how.

Washable tempera paints and large brushes are the perfect combination for preschoolers. the large brushes can also be used with watercolors.

Conclusions on Homeschool Preschool Curriculum Options:

There are a variety of preschool curriculum options for homeschoolers. Although young children should spend most of their waking hours playing, spending time learning through play and interacting during more structured activities and story time can set the stage for future positive learning experiences. Follow the child’s lead on how long they want to participate in a structured activity and make the time together positive and fun.

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