How to teach handwriting: a fun multi-sensory handwriting approach, learn with emily dot com

How to Teach Handwriting: A Multi-Sensory Handwriting Approach

When I taught in a self-contained public school setting, I worked with an excellent OT who introduced me to a multi-sensory approach to handwriting. Although I do not have nor remember her original multi-sensory handwriting program source, the just of the program was to start with gross motor practice, move to fine motor practice, and […]

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A review of autism and pdd picture stories and language activities for social skills, learn with emily dot com

A Review of Autism & PDD Picture Stories and Language Activities for Social Skills

When I taught in a self-contained classroom for autistic children, one of the speech therapist introduced me to Matt and Molly stories. These are officially called, Autism & PDD Picture Stories & Language Activities by Patricia Koski. This article reviews the 5-pack set of language activities for social skills for children ages 3 to 8. […]

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Teaching 2-digit place value and number sense with visuals and manipulatives such as cuisenaire rods, base-10 blocks, and an abacus. learn with emily dot com

Teaching 2-Digit Place Value and Number Sense with Visuals and Manipulatives

For 1st grade math, I am using Mammoth Math Light Blue Series. I like mammoth math for a lot of reasons. It is an open-an-go type of curriculum, it is sufficiently challenging, and one of the most affordable homeschool options available. CLICK HERE to read my full review of homeschool math curricula. The downloadable version […]

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Homeschool Planning Pages, CLICK HERE for a free monthly data sheet and a monthly lesson plan sheet, learn with emily dot com

Homeschool Planning Pages: A Monthly Data Sheet and Lesson Planning Page

Homeschooling laws and requirements vary from state to state in the US. Some states only require notice of homeschooling. Other states require careful documentation of attendance and student progress. Test scores, portfolios, or other documentation may also be required. Regardless of the requirements of each state, documentation through homeschool planning pages are helpful for keeping […]

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Drawing of a girl kicking a ball with the caption: a review of homeschool PE curriculum, learn with emily dot com

A Review of Homeschool PE Curriculum

Physical Education (PE) is included as regular part of a child’s education. PE classes help children improve their physical fitness, develop motor skills, and may also promote psychological well-being. In a homeschool setting, participation in regular PE activities can provide these same benefits. This article reviews two homeschool PE curriculum options. Homeschool physical education books […]

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hands-on spelling with unifix cubes, toys, or other manipulatives, learn with emily dot com

Hands-On Spelling with Unifix Cubes

In reading, children can learn phonetic rules and sound out words or they can learn through whole-word methods. Similarly, there are two paths in learning to spell. Spelling skills can be taught through the phonetic rules for encoding words or though memorizing the sequence of letters for an entire word. Traditional spelling activities require copying […]

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