A drawing of a blood tube and butterfly needle with the caption, 4 steps to prepare an autistic child for a blood draw, learn with emily dot com

4 Steps to Prepare an Autistic Child for a Blood Draw

Periodically throughout a child’s life, their doctor may order blood work to get more information about their health. This medical procedure may be scary for any child. The following steps and materials can be used to help an autistic child, or any child who may experience anxiety with the unknown, prepare for the medical procedure […]

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image of children playing and one looking down while hiding behind a tree with the caption, 4 tips for teaching children acceptance of differences, learn with emily dot com

4 Tips for Teaching Children Acceptance of Differences

In my early college years, I took a course called, “The Psychology of Prejudice.” Prejudice is an incorrect attitude about someone based on their membership in a group. I feel like there is an awareness of religious and racial prejudice, but there seems to be limited awareness about prejudice against individuals with disabilities. This limited […]

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ask me monday, autism genetics and autism family support tips, learn with emily dot com

Autism Genetics & Autism Family Support Tips

This first Ask Me Monday (AMM1) question covers the topics of 1) the genetic basis of autism and 2) autism family support. Families with multiple autistic members find themselves in a situation where it is helpful to balance differing routine and sensory needs. This article include Autism Family Support Tips to help gain that balance. […]

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A photo of children gathered around a table with the caption, a review of elementary science curricula, learn with emily dot com.

A Review of Elementary Science Curricula

Science knowledge is gained by observation and experimentation. This system has been used to learn more about the world, animals, people, and space. In the elementary grades, the focus of science study is to 1) learning basic information about what scientists have discovered, and 2) learn how to ask questions and make observations to gain […]

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image of two boys reading and the caption, an overview of whole word reading methods and curriculum, learn with emily dot com

An Overview of Whole Word Reading Methods and Curriculum

Two techniques to teach reading include 1) using phonics to decode words and 2) recognizing whole words by sight. Whole word reading programs have fewer prerequisite skills in comparison to decoding reading programs. CLICK HERE to read an overview of the prerequisite skills for learning to read. This article is a round-up of whole word […]

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images of a banana fading out with the word banana and the caption, a stimulus fading whole word reading method, learn with emily dot com

A Stimulus Fading Whole Word Reading Method

Stimulus fading is a procedure where an extra stimulus, like a picture or cue, is used to teach a correct response and then is systematically faded out. Stimulus fading is a research based instructional approach that has been effectively used to teach children to recognize whole words (Birkan, McClannahan, & Krantz, 2007; Cory & Shamow, […]

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photo of girl reading outdoors with the caption, reading comprehension strategies : critical components and instructional methods, learn with emily dot com

Reading Comprehension Strategies: Components & Methods

Reading comprehension is the ability to process text and understand what it means. CLICK HERE to read about the factors that can influence reading comprehension. This article covers reading comprehension strategies that activate prior knowledge and demonstrate how to process information from the text. This article does NOT cover methods for improving general language comprehension or […]

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A review of phonics reading curricula learn with emily dot com

A Review of Phonics Reading Curricula

Phonics reading curricula teaches children to decode words by recognizing letter combinations and blending sounds together. A quality phonics program will also work on building phonemic awareness. CLICK HERE to read an overview of research regarding phonics reading programs. I personally use an unpublished phonics program to teach decoding skills. This phonics reading curricula review […]

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