a review of the loog mini 3 string guitar for children, learn with emily dot com

A Review of the Loog Mini 3 String Guitar for Children

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Last summer, my 4-year old expressed interest in learning to play the guitar. I have a 3/4 size that was much too big for her. As I was looking into finding the appropriate size, I ended up buying a ukulele instead. Although I really like the ukelele I bought, the strings and cords just don’t match up to the structure of a guitar. Loog contacted me and told me about their 3-string guitar. I was excited for the change to receive a complementary Loog Mini Guitar in exchange for writing this review.

What is a Loog 3-String Guitar?

Loog Mini






A typical guitar has 6 strings. For children and other beginners, a 6-string guitar may be cumbersome and difficult to learn. The Loog simplifies the typical guitar by only including 3 strings. The G, B, and E strings are in the same position on a Loog guitar as a regular 6 string guitar. So, skills learned on the Loog can easily transfer to a 6-string guitar when the child or other beginner is ready to move on.

Loog Guitar Options

The Loog Mini is designed for ages 3 and up. It is about the same size as a Ukulele. It comes in red, black, white, yellow, green, and pink.The Loog Mini – at Loog Guitars

The Loog Pro is designed for ages 8 and up. It is available in both acoustic and electric versions. The same color options as the Loog Mini are also available for the Loog Pro. Shop Loog Pro Guitars at Loog Guitars

Materials for Teaching Beginning Guitar Skills on a Loog

Alfred’s Kid’s Guitar Course

Loog Mini






I bought Alfred’s Kid’s Guitar Course Book 1 a few years ago to use with one of my other children. This book teaches simplified chords using only the G, B, and E strings. It also teaches notes on only the G, B, and E strings. This makes it a perfect complement to teaching guitar skills on the Loog Mini, which also only has the G, B, and E strings.

Included Loog Flash Cards

Loog Mini

The included flash cards show the various guitar chords. The diagrams of the chords show how to play them on the 3-string Loog, but also how to play them on a 6-string guitar.

Loog app

Loog also has an app that you can use to practice guitar skills. There are games, a tuner, and demonstration videos. These may be a great help to older children or adults who are learning to play the Loog or helping younger children learn to play.

Tuning the Loog

I generally use my favorite tuning app to tune my stringed instruments. The Loog tuned perfectly on my GuitarTuna app. The Loog app also includes a tuner.

Final Recommendations

Loog Mini

I have been using the Loog Mini with my children for a few weeks now. It is the perfect size for my 4 and 6 year old. We have started working our way through the Alfred’s Kid’s Guitar Course Book 1. My children are really enjoying this 3-string guitar. I love the concept of this 3-string guitar for teaching my children. The neck is small enough for their hands to form the chords comfortably. I highly recommend using a Loog Guitar with the Alfred’s Kid’s Guitar Course Book 1. They are a perfect complement to each other in learning beginning guitar skills.

Introducing the newest addition to the Loog family. The Loog x Third Man

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