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Fun Bug Unit Resources: Books, Activities, and Supplies

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I have been using The Good and the Beautiful’s “Arthropod’s: Insects, spiders, & crustaceans” elementary level science unit with my children. Although this curriculum provides great supplementary resources for a bug unit, this article includes some additional fun bug unit resources. These can be used to support any bug curriculum or stand alone in as a fun bug unit.

Fun Bug Unit Resources


Little Kid’s First Big Book of Bugs

This fun bug book has beautiful full color photographs and interesting information about a variety of bugs.

Field Guide for Insects

This book is helpful if you are trying to identify bugs you see in your yard.

Big Book of Bugs

This book has beautiful illustrations and fun facts. It is a great introduction to a variety of bugs.


Bug Catching Tool

Bug unit resources

I originally bought this bug catching tool to go with a different bug unit, but it is still very useful and fun. The bug is trapped inside the viewing area so that children can inspect the bug. There is a magnifier on the top of the viewing section which allows for a more detailed inspection.

Bug unit resources Bug unit resources



Sensory Bins

Sensory bins are a fun way for children to explore and play with themed toys. I bought this set of bugs to go with our kinetic sand trays and my children had a great time. CLICK HERE to read 5 reasons to love kinetic sand.

Here are some of my children’s sand play creations:

Bug unit resources Bug unit resources








Bug unit resourcesBug unit resources







When I got out the bugs for kinetic sand play, my children insisted on having the Mario and Pokemon toys too. The bugs are trapping the other guys and Mario and Luigi have to defeat them. I love watching the creative play ideas children come up with.

Bug unit resources

If you want larger bug toys for pretend play, this set from Learning Resources may be fun for your little ones.


Bug unit resources

In this Melissa & Doug magnetic bug puzzle, you “catch” the bugs with the net. This is good for motor development as well as fun to play with. This is perfect for preschoolers or younger elementary aged children. For elementary children, there is a 60-piece puzzle or this floor puzzle.


Bug unit resources

Bug Memory has full color photographs and labels to help learn the names of bugs as you play. Bug Bingo is another fun way to learn the names of bugs.

Conclusion on Bug Unit Resources

I hope you found some new resources to include in your exploration in the world of bugs!


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