Linenspa Mattress: A Review of the Twin 8″ Hybrid Mattress

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I have been pretty inactive the last month on my blog and social media accounts due to moving to a different state. My family moved over 3600 miles. This is our second time making a move this far. When moving thousands of miles, we have found it more cost effective to ship our books through USPS using book rate shipping fees and then reduce the rest of our personal belongings to a 5 x 8 trailer. Out went the furniture and anything that didn’t fit. This included our mattresses.

Now that we are moved and were sleeping on air mattresses, I needed to find something more durable and comfortable. The price of buying all new mattresses for the entire family could be overwhelming financially. I searched amazon and came across the Linenspa mattress. This mattress is an 8 inch innerspring/memory foam hybrid with over 4000 Amazon reviews, most of which were positive. Although I am hesitant to buy a mattress without first trying it out, I took the plunge and ordered 4 of them.

Thanks to Amazon Prime, the mattresses arrived on my doorstep 3 days later with free shipping. It probably would have arrived within 2 days if I had not placed my order so late in the evening.

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Linenspa Mattress Arrival and Set Up

The Linenspa mattresses arrived compressed in a box and were fast and easy to set up.


  1. Tip the box to easily pull out the mattress.
  2. Rip off the outer plastic.
  3. Slice or cut the tape to unroll the mattress.
  4. Cut off one side of the plastic wrap and pull apart to allow air in to the mattress.
  5. Pull off the plastic cover.

I also purchased the Linenspa mattress covers to protect the mattresses.I was not disappointed in our purchase. The Linenspa mattress is comfortable. This mattress passed the sensory test of my autistic children, who find their beds comfortable.

Although the Amazon description of these Linenspa matresses describes them as appropriate for children and guest rooms, my husband and I found them so comfortable we ended up ordering 2 more for us. I ordered a little earlier in the day and did receive our two additional mattresses in 2 days, thanks to Amazon Prime free shipping. We pushed the two twin mattresses together, secured with twin to king mattress conversion accessories (straps and a bridge), and added a Linenspa King size mattress topper.




Final verdict on the Linenspa Mattress

The combination resulted in an incredibly comfortable bed. After sleeping on hotel mattresses and an air mattress for weeks during our transition period while moving our household, I slept very well on the Linenspa mattress and am very happy with our purchases. I would definitely recommend the Linenspa 8″ Hybrid mattress as an affordable and comfortable mattress.

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