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The Benefits of Cast Iron Cookware

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Since researching and finding ways to get more iron in a limited diet due to sensory sensitivities, I have started using more cast iron in my cooking. CLICK HERE to read my original post about the symptoms and treatment options for a diet-related iron deficiency. The benefits of cast iron cookware, a naturally non-stick product that lasts include versatility and improved health.

The Cast Iron Investment

The Longevity Benefits of Cast Iron

I have owned 2-3 sets of pots and pans over the last 15 years. Some pans have lasted longer than others. I found that my pans with ceramic coating needed to be replaced after a few months. My pans with teflon or other non-stick coatings varied in their longevity, but once the coating starts to deteriorate, they need to be replaced.

If you take care of your cast iron, it will last forever. You will never need to buy a replacement and it can be passed down to future generations.

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The Versatility Benefits of Cast Iron

When you think about cast iron cookware, you may first imagine food being cooked over a campfire. Although cast iron is useful in the wild, it also works well on any kind of stove top and oven. In fact, the same pan can be used on a stove top or oven.

The Health Benefits of Cast Iron

Avoid Chemicals

A well-seasoned cast iron pan provides a chemical non-stick cooking surface. Many other non-stick coated options may contain perflourocarbons, which may be connected to cancer, liver damage, and early menopause. You can avoid potentially harmful chemicals by avoiding non-stick coated pans. Instead, take confidence that your family is safe using cast iron cookware.

More Iron

Just as non-stick coated pans may leech potentially damaging chemicals into your food, the iron from cast iron pans will seep into your. The body uses iron in producing red blood cells. Red blood cells distribute oxygen throughout the body and help muscle function, energy, and brain development. Cooking with cast iron is a way to fortify your food with the iron your body needs for optimal health.

Conclusions on the Benefits of Cast Iron Cookware

Cast Iron cookware is an affordable and quality option that can last for generations. Cleaning and maintenance is easy, only requiring gentle cleaning, thorough drying, and a coating of oil. Re-season the cookware by baking as needed. Cast iron has the added benefit of fortifying your food while cooking.

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