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Fast and Easy DIY Pokeball Cupcakes

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One of my children wanted a Pokemon birthday. After searching Pinterest, I came across cute Pokeball cupcakes that my daughter had to have. There was one problem, the cupcakes pictured were too involved. I just did not have time to make different colored frosting, carefully ice cupcakes within lines, or pipe a bunch of detail onto a billion cupcakes. Okay, a billion is an exaggeration, but you get the point. This article explains how to make a much more simplified version that will only take a few minutes.

DIY Fast and Easy Pokeball Cupcakes



Step 1: Frost your cupcakes with the white frosting.


Step 2: Use your index card to shield half of the cupcake while you sprinkle on the red sugar crystals.

Step 3: Pipe a line of black frosting down the middle using your tubed frosting.

Step 4: Cut your marshmallows in half and place in the middle of the cupcakes.

Step 5: Take your tubed black frosting and pipe around the marshmallow.

Now enjoy your good-enough Fast and Easy DIY Pokeball Cupcakes!

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