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6 Ways to Save Money on Homeschool Curriculum and Products

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Whether you are new to homeschooling or a seasoned veteran, you know that homeschooling products can quickly add up. Some of the top curriculums can really put a dent in the pocket and budget. There are ways to get more for your money. Consider using some or all of the following ways to save money on homeschool curriculum and products.

6 Ways to Save Money on Homeschool Curriculum and Products

1) Watch for Sales

Many of the popular publishers have annual sales on their homeschool products. I have taken advantage of discounts during the summer, on boxing day, and in the Spring. If you know you like and will use a product, plan ahead and buy when the product is on sale.

CLICK HERE to read my article about current homeschool curriculum sales.

2) Take Advantage of Amazon Memberships

Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime has some amazing perks. I love the free 2-day shipping. If I need a homeschool product, I don’t have to wait long with Amazon Prime. CLICK HERE to learn more about trying Amazon Prime for free. If you are a college student while you are homeschooling your children, you can qualify for a Prime Student membership. The Prime Student membership provides a significant discount to the regular non-student membership. CLICK HERE to learn more about Prime Student memberships.

Amazon Kindle Unlimited

With a Kindle or Kindle app, you have access to millions of e-books. Your local library will likely have free e-books you can borrow that you can use for homeschooling. Amazon Kindle Unlimited is a subscription plan where you can access over 1 million e-books. I found this incredibly helpful when I lived in a more rural area, but it may also be convenient for homeschooling anywhere. You can access books related to so many topics and for literature assignments. CLICK HERE to learn more about trying Kindle Unlimited for free.

3) Join Homeschool Buyer’s Co-op

Homeschool Buyers Co-op
#1 Way to Save

Homeschool Buyer’s Co-op works with publishers on excellent discounts on popular homeschool curriculum. Schools are able to get bulk discounts on their purchases. Homeschool buyer’s co-op provides the same type of service by creating a bulk discount for individual buyers. It is free to join. They do charge a minimal fee (a few dollars) with purchases to support their service when you buy.  CLICK HERE to learn more.

4) Collect Special Offers and Points for Discounts

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They also offer discounted homeschool bundles by grade level or subject.
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Homeschool Buyer’s Co-op
Homeschool Buyers Co-op
#1 Way to Save

Homeschool Buyer’s Co-op is free to join and always has great deals on curriculum. They also have a rewards program where you can earn “Smart Points” that can be spent on a homeschooling products. CLICK HERE to learn more.

Amazon Prime Rewards

One of my favorite Amazon perks is their Prime credit card. If you have a Prime membership, you can earn 5% back on every Amazon purchase. The best part is that your reward points are linked directly to your Amazon account so they are easy to spend as a payment option while you are making purchases.

CLICK HERE to learn more about Prime Rewards for 5% back on Amazon purchases.

5) Utilize Free Curriculum and Resources

Free curriculum usually consists of digital products. CLICK HERE to read my review of free homeschool curricula. Although some free content is accessible and used online, portions or digital files may need to be printed out at home. Printing the pages you need can be affordable with a laser printer and replacement toner cartridges. CLICK HERE to learn how to access your PDF files in a Kindle app.

6) Reuse or Resell Old Curriculum

One of the ways I try to get the most of my money is to either reuse the curriculum with younger siblings or resell curriculum I no longer need.

Digital Curriculum

Digital curriculum can provide excellent value, especially if you can reuse it with younger siblings. Many publishers offer digital curriculum files for a better price than their print versions. With digital, you never have to pay shipping and are generally licensed to use the curriculum in your classroom or for single family use.

Print Curriculum

Physical printed versions may be the only available option with some publishers. Popular curriculums can be resold when you are finished on eBay or Amazon. I have found the best times to list and resell are between semesters (summer and winter break) when parents are purchasing their curriculum choices for the next semester.

Summary of 6 Ways to Save Money on Homeschool Curriculum

Save money on homeschool curriculum and products by planning ahead and watching for sales. Take advantage of reward programs and Amazon memberships. Save even more by utilizing free products, reusing curriculum with younger siblings, and reselling products you are no longer using.

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