Benefits of a Facebook education seminar, click here to learn more and for instructions on how to join for free. Learn with emily dot com.

Benefits of a Facebook Education Seminar

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In a college setting, an education seminar is a course where the primary focus is to discuss specified topics related to the field of education. In our Facebook Community, we are starting a series of education seminars to meet this same purpose. Topics are selected based on the interests, needs, and suggestions of those in our Facebook Community.


For each seminar series, a book or other material will be selected for discussion. Participants will purchase, borrow, or otherwise obtain a copy of the selected material. Reading assignments will be posted within our Facebook Community. Discussion threads will be created based on the reading assignment for each week.

Benefits of an Education Seminar

Discussion topics are selected based on participants’ interests and needs. People who join in the seminar will find that they gain valuable knowledge and insight into the discussed topics. You will be able to learn from the content as well as the experiences and insight of other participants. You will get the experience and benefits of a college level seminar without the expense or travel time.

How to Join on an Education Seminar

Step 1:

First, if you are not already a member, join our Facebook Community. Seminar reading assignments and discussions will be posted in this group.

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Step 2:

Either buy, borrow, or otherwise gain access to the material selected as the basis for the current seminar.

Step 3:

Watch for the posted reading assignments and discussion threads on the start date.

August 2017 Education Seminar:

Our first Seminar will cover The Collaborative and Proactive Solutions Model (CPS model) discussed in Ross Greene’s book, The Explosive Child. This book was selected based on our Facebook Group Member’s interest in learning more about behavior management. I consider this book a must read for anyone who works with or parents children with challenging behaviors. The CPS approach is different from typical discipline techniques and works when other approaches fail. At the same time, the CPS approach models appropriate ways to work through problems with people in general. I found this book about a year ago and wish I had found it sooner. CLICK HERE to read my full review of “The Explosive Child.”

CLICK HERE to purchase this book off of Amazon. The kindle version is available for immediate download. Used copies are also available. You can also search your local library for a copy.

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