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A Shopkins Game Review

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Playing games can be a motivating way to work on social skills. Most board games require turn-taking, following rules, and good sportsmanship (accepting both winning and losing gracefully). CLICK HERE to read about the procedure I use to help my children learn to tolerate losing. My husband bought this 4 Game Shopkins set last week. My daughter has requested that we play it 2-3 times per day since. This Shopkins game review covers the 4 games included in this Shopkins set.


Shopkins Big Roll Bingo

This game comes with 6 sturdy bingo cards, plastic circle pieces to use as markers, and 2 dice. When it is the player’s turn, they roll the dice. One die says which column to search through (B, I, N, G, O, or shopping cart meaning any column) and the other die has a picture of the shopkins you are searching for (i.e., Strawberry Kiss). If the child has the Shopkins in the right column, they put on the token piece. Then the next player takes his turn. Once a child has 5 tokens in a row, they win the game.

As instructed, this game is fun but can take a long time. We came up with two more playing variations to speed up the process.

Variation 1

When a child rolls the dice, all the players who have the indicated Shopkins and column put a token on their board.

Variation 2

This is the super speed way to play. Only roll the Shopkins die and leave the other die on Shopping Cart. The child picks which column for the matching Shopkins they want to put their token on. 

This game is really fun. My kids love it and I like it too. Children will work on matching and turn taking skills while they play this game.

Memory Matching Shopkins Game Review


This matching game includes 48 cards. I thought this seemed like a lot of cards, but my children were able to play the game without any problems. The cards are on the thinner side, but this hasn’t been a problem either. My children have been careful with the cards. This game is played like most memory games. Each child takes a turn flipping two cards over. If there is a match, they keep the set. The player with the most matches at the end of the game wins.

Unlike some other memory games I have played, this set has a few special cards. If the “lose a pair” card is drawn, a child has to forfeit one match from their pile. If they don’t have any matches yet, the card is put out of play. A wild card can be paired with any other card. When a player matches two “Take the Shopkins” cards, he gets to hold a shopkins toy.

My 4 and 6 year old were able to attend to this entire game and enjoy playing it. They have been able to even handle losing a pair without a problem. This game is fun and holds their attention, even though there are a lot of cards.

Go Shopping Shopkins Game Review

This Shopkins Game is the Shopkins version of Go Fish. This procedure for this game is almost identical to any other Go Fish game. Rather than saying, “Go Fish” if the player does not have the requested card, the player tells the other play to, “Go Shopping.” The game is fun and my children enjoy playing it.

Shoppies Shopkins Game Review

This Shoppies Game is a little confusing. Each player has a shopper and 2 Shopkins. The goal is to retrieve your two Shopkins pieces. The Shopkins can be retrieved in two ways. There are 2 token cards on the board for each Shopkins piece. If they player lands on the token piece and it happens to be theirs, they keep it. When they find the 2 token cards for their Shopkins, they can collect their Shopkins piece from the board. The second way to collect the Shopkins is when the Shopper ends up on the same board space as their shopkins by the end of the turn. There are two dice. One die tells the player how many spaces their shopper can move in the turn. The other die tells the player how many spaces he can move any Shopkins piece.

My kids still ask to play this game, although they seem to prefer the previous 3 games more. I did not love this game. I found it confusing and overwhelming with all of the pieces and different ways to move.

Where to Buy

My husband bought this game at Walmart. Amazon has a similar version that does not include the Shoppies Game. Instead, the 4th game is Supermarket Scramble. These games are a fun way to work on matching, turn-taking, and good sportsmanship.






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