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A Review of Randomise: A Fun Family or Group Game

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Are you looking for a fun game to do with the whole family? Randomise is a fun game where players draw, act, or describe phrases for their team to guess. I received the game of Randomise in exchange for writing this review.


Overview of Randomise

Randomise is a cross between charades, Pictionary, and Taboo. Players can choose to draw, act out, or describe their target word(s)/phrase(s). There are 3 sets of cards. Set A contains adjectives, set B has nouns/subjects, and set C has verbs and verb phrases. Each card includes 3 easy selections and 3 hard selections. The official way to play is to first determine if you are going to act out, draw, or describe your words. Next, the player takes one card from set A, B, and C. The opposing team will give you 3 numbers (this will tell you which word(s)/phrase(s) on the cards you are assigned). Next, you are given a limited time to get your team to guess your assigned identity (the words and phrases on the cards).

Ways to Play

Our family played variations of the official rules (many of which are described on the official rule sheet). First, we didn’t keep score, divide into teams, or include time limits. Winning and losing can be triggers in our house, so this game was more fun for our family without keeping score. We used sets B and C exclusively. We also let the person decide how many cards to take (one from B or C, or B & C), which word/s from the card he/she wanted to select, and the mode (acting, drawing, or describing) after seeing the words.

Here are some of our drawings from when we have played:








Limits of Randomise

This game was designed for individuals ages 8 and up. My 6 year old is a skilled reader and was also able to play without any problems. My younger children (4 and under) wanted to play, but their participation usually involved drawing what they wanted instead of what I read to them off of the card.

Extension Activities

I really see Randomise as a versatile resource. It is fun to play as is, but could also be used in the classroom, homeschool, or during speech therapy for:

  • extending vocabulary
  • learning parts of speech and sentences
  • as story starters
  • language development


Randomise is fun to play. I think what makes this game so fun is all of the options. If you are worn out and don’t feeling like getting up to act out a word, you can pick drawing or describing. If you are not confident with drawing, you pick another mode. My kids love playing Randomise and it has become a family fun time favorite.

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