5 reasons to love kinetic sand

5 Reasons to Love Kinetic Sand

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I finally jumped on the Kinetic Sand trend and bought some for my kids. Kinetic sand is sooo much fun and I wish I had tried it sooner. My kids ask to play with the sand regularly and will be occupied for 20-60 minutes depending on the child. This article describes 5 reasons we love Kinetic sand.

5 Reasons to Love Kinetic Sand

1) It never dries out.

Although I’ve only had my Kinetic Sand for about a month, the package says it never dries out and it is still the same texture and moisture level as when we first bought it. Although play dough used to be a big hit at my house, it just gets old and harder to work with over time. Kinetic sand will not need to be replaced from exposure to air.

2) Perfect sensory bin filler.

Sensory bins are containers filled with a filler material like beans or rice and some other manipulative or toy. You can create bins with themes, like this halloween one, or to go with science or literature units. Although the beans, rice, and other fillers we have tried were fun, they ended up ALL OVER the floor and never lasted long. I am excited to try sensory bins again using Kinetic sand as a filler. CLICK HERE to go to my Pinterest board with sensory bin ideas.

I bought these trays for our Kinetic sand. They are also great for art projects and other play where you need a sturdy tray with an edge.

3) A Fun Way to Work on Fine Motor skills

Kinetic Sand can be smooshed, flattened, rolled, and pushed into forms. You can cut into with a plastic knife, carve away sections of the sand, or even write in a flattened section with a stylus or other dull ended object. Use kinetic sand as an activity in this multiisensory handwriting program. I bought this set of molding accessories and they have been perfect for building walls, castles, and other shapes.

4) Fun imaginative play with mini toys.

Using favorite themed mini toys allows children to build, smoosh, and act out their favorite scenes using little figures. My children love using Pokemon, Mario, or My little pony mini toys in their Kinetic Sand.

5) Keeps children occupied.

we love kinetic sand we love kinetic sand






Do you need to keep a 3-5 year old busy while you homeschool older children, make dinner, or work for an hour? Kinetic sand may be the magical think you are looking for. My 4 and 6 year old will play with connect sand for about an hour at a time. CLICK HERE to read about other ides for keeping your toddlers occupied.

Conclusion on Kinetic Sand

we love kinetic sand

Kinetic sand is a lot of fun and provides my children with hours of entertainment each week. I plan on using it during our themed sensory bins this year to go with science and history units.


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