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Homeschool Planning Pages: A Monthly Data Sheet and Lesson Planning Page

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Homeschooling laws and requirements vary from state to state in the US. Some states only require notice of homeschooling. Other states require careful documentation of attendance and student progress. Test scores, portfolios, or other documentation may also be required. Regardless of the requirements of each state, documentation through homeschool planning pages are helpful for keeping track of what content has been covered each day and a child’s rate of progress.

Although my state/current homeschool program do not require data collection, I like to keep regular data and keep track of my children’s progress. This information helps me evaluate whether or not a curriculum is working for us. This information also allows me to calculate if my child’s progress through a curriculum is adequate or if we need to make any changes (e.g., time spent on the subject). Coming from the field of Special Education, I cannot personally skip data collection. Homeschool planning pages and data sheets do not have to be complicated or time-consuming to complete. The sheets below were designed for efficient and quick recording and planning.

Monthly Data Sheet

On my monthly data sheet, I list out the homeschool activities we will be covering. For each day, I may put the page number that we completed, the lesson number, a percent correct, or even just a checkmark to show that we worked on that item. Over time, this data will give me information about the child’s rate of progress through a curriculum and their accuracy on specific lessons or tasks.

If you look at my sample above, you will see that we are not currently doing everything listed on a regular basis. I homeschool year round, but reduced our schedule to the basics over the summer. As our new curriculum comes in, we will be adding in about 1 new item per week. Some items listed will only be taught 1-2 times per week.

This data sheet can also be used in conjunction with a Systematic Review Plan to maximize skill retention.

CLICK HERE for a free PDF version of this data sheet.

Monthly Lesson Planning Sheet

If one of my subject areas requires a little more planning, I fill that information out on a Monthly Lesson Planning Sheet.

In the sample above, I started writing our what we would do each day for history. I have plenty of room left to add in science and PE once I am ready to plan out those activities.

This next sample from the previous school year. The first two lines describe handwriting activities. I had a 2-week plan per letter and wrote out the fine motor activities that we would be doing each day. The third line was my weekly plan for working on letter recognition and letter sounds.

I used a similar planning sheet when I taught special education for center activities.

CLICK HERE for a free PDF version of my Monthly Lesson Planning Sheet.

Summary of Homeschool Planning Pages

Homeschool Planning Pages can include a monthly data tracking sheet and a monthly lesson plan. A monthly data tracking sheet is helpful for keeping track of a child’s daily activities and progress. A monthly lesson plan sheet is useful for subject areas or curriculum that requires a little more planning. The free PDF versions can be used to quickly document accuracy, lessons, and/or activities completed each day.

If you would like editable versions (where you can type the information into the documents) of the free Monthly Data Sheet and Lesson Planning Sheet, you can get a copy by joining My Facebook Group or my e-mail list.

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