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Top Supplementary Math Curriculum

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Even the best math curriculum may need additional support through supplementary math curriculum. For instance, many math programs skim over money and time telling skills. These very short units may not be enough for some students. Other students may need more frequent review than is covered in general programs. The following supplements are sources that I have used and recommend.

Supplementary Math Curriculum


Edmark time telling program

The Edmark Time Telling Program (not an affiliate link) breaks down reading time into manageable increments. I have used this program with many children when teaching special education and even bought one for home use. The pre-requisite skills for using this program include 1) recognizing and counting numbers to 60 and 2) counting by 5s to 55.


This is my favorite money skills curriculum. The book includes a CD disk with all of the worksheets for easy printing. The concepts covered begin with recognizing coins and bills and go all the way up to counting back change.

Math Facts

I have written an extensive review of math fact curriculum here.

Math Review


My favorite source of review materials is Evan-Moor. I have used their daily math practice and daily word problems books with much success. The books are split by grade level. The review sheets are short and comprehensive. The word problem book can also serve as extra practice in solving word problems. CLICK HERE to read my review of Evan-Moor’s Daily Math Practice series. The Daily Math Practice book can be used with the Math Fundamentals Book to target math skills that need to be reviewed. CLICK HERE to read my review of the Math Fundamentals series. These books are available on Amazon. If you prefer the e-version for easy printing, go directly to the Evan-Moor website to purchase.

Shop Daily Math Practice and Review books by Evan-Moor

Math on the Level

Although Math on the Level (not an affiliate link) can be used as a stand-alone curriculum, I personally use it as a supplement. The have an excellent process for reviewing content. Once a skill is mastered, it is reviewed every other day, then 2x a week, then 1x per week and so on. The company has recently come out with an online subscription for a program that will customize worksheets for you (I have not used this service). Even if you do not use their program, creating a list of concepts and a schedule for how frequently each concept will be reviewed will ensure the skills learned stay in long-term memory.

Extra Exposure

Life of Fred

Life of Fred is a fun book series. The entire sequence of books (more than pictured above) covers math concepts from kindergarten all the way to college level. The concepts are embedded in stories about Fred, a 5-year old boy who is a math professor. The stories are fun and entertaining. Children who enjoy learning through stories will like these books. Although this program is comprehensive in what it covers, it does not provide sufficient practice to be a stand-alone curriculum. As a supplement, it is entertaining and effective.


As you work with children in math, you will get a good idea of what is working and what is not. Even if your selected math curriculum has a solid scope and sequence of skills taught, is sufficiently challenging, and comprehensive, you still may need to consider supplementary math curriculum for additional teaching and practice.

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