Review of More Autism Language Activities 5-Program Set

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The More Autism Language Activities reviewed in this post are from Linguisytem’s Autism & PDD More Picture Stories and Language Activities Sets. I found this set when I was purchasing similar sets for ages 5-8. This review covers my experiences using The Autism More Picture Stories and Language Activities 5-Program Set with my own autistic children (ages 6-8).

Overview of More Autism Language Activities 5-Program Set


This language activity set covers wh-questions including who, what, where, why, and when. Similar to the social skills and season themed sets from the same publisher and author, (CLICK HERE to read my review of the Social Skills Set and CLICK HERE to read my review of the Season-themed set), each story includes 5 pictures and a teacher script for each picture. These story sets are designed for children ages 8-12 to help develop question-answering, sequencing, inferring skills.

Benefits Autism Language Activities 5-Program Set

My children continue to like hearing stories about Matt and Molly (the two main characters). The stories are short, but hold their attention. Although this particular series is advertised for children ages 8-12, I found that they really could apply to younger school age children. I think this series would be perfectly find starting at kindergarten age.

Limitations More Autism Language Activities 5-Program Set

When I read the story to my children, I was really confused. I was expecting this program to be like the others I have used from the same author. Instead, this series is more like a “choose your own adventure story.” In the middle of the story, the child is asked a wh-question and presented with two correct choice options. The child is supposed to answer the question and then you present the card (4 or 5) based on the choice they made and read the correct script for that card.

Unlike the social skills and season-themed sets, this wh-question set does not include any comprehension questions to go with the stories. I really missed those in this set. Yes, I could come up with my own, but I was disappointed as the ones in the previous sets led to some excellent comprehension discussions and insights with my children.


Although my children enjoyed the stories in this series, I would definitely recommend the social skills set and the season-themed set over this series. I felt like, at least for me, the missing comprehension questions really made this series fall flat. As my children already have strong verbal skills, simply picking an ending from 2 correct choices did not seem particularly beneficial for them.

Where to Buy More Autism Language Activities 5-Program Set

As far as I know, the Autism & PDD More Picture Stories and Language Activities 5 Program Set is only available from Linguisystems (not an affiliate link). Individual theme story sets (i.e., where, when, etc.) can be bought individually or purchased as an entire set.



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