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A Review of Evan-Moor’s Literature Pockets: Folktales and Fairy Tales, Grades 2-3

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My second grader loves crafts and any learning activities that involve making things. She really enjoyed the Literature Pocket books we used while she was in Kindergarten and was excited when I showed her the options available for second grade. She picked out the Folktales and Fairy Tales book from Evan-Moor’s Literature Pockets series. I received a copy of Literature Pockets: FolkTales and Fairy Tales, Grades 2-3 in exchange for writing about our experiences.

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Literature Pockets are an activity based way to experience a set of familiar stories. The child creates a pocket-style book out of construction paper to store their copy of each story with the corresponding artifacts.

The activities are fun and the child is left with a keepsake of the stories and their projects. Literature Pockets Folktales and Fairy Tales, Grades 2-3 includes the following 9 stories:

  • Henny Penny
  • The Brave Little Tailor
  • The Fisherman and his Wife
  • Jack and the Beanstalk
  • The Elves and the Shoemaker
  • The Frog Prince
  • The Emperor’s New Clothes
  • The Bremen Town Musicians

Supples Needed

In addition to basic art supplies, you will need a 12 x 18 inch piece of construction paper to assemble each pocket. You may also want to use yarn, ribbon, or metal rings to assemble the completed pockets into the final keepsake book.

Included Materials

Each story includes a pocket label, bookmark, teaching guide with comprehension questions, and three activities. The activities may include an art project, writing assignment, or craft. Each story includes different activity types and formats which helps maintain a child’s interest in the creative process.


Progress at Your Own Pace

My second grader has completed the first three stories in the Literature Pockets: Folktales and Fairy Tales, Grades 2-3 book. We do a small section of the included materials each school day. My daughter looks forward to her Literature Pocket activities and thoroughly enjoys the stories and projects. Sometimes she will want go back to a previous day’s activity and embellish it further.

Although we are taking between 5 to 7 days with each story, it would be easy to take fewer or more days depending on your time and your child’s attention level.

Easy to Adapt for Learning Needs

The included stories and activities are fun and engaging, but children with fine-motor delays or fatigue, learning differences, or who are resistant to writing may need some adaptations to help them get the most out of the included activities. You may need to provide more assistance with cutting or writing to help children who have challenges in these areas. CLICK HERE to read about 4 way to adapt writing assignments for reluctant writers.

Language Arts Fun

My second grader loves completing her literature pocket activities. The reading, writing, and comprehension activities are so fun. She really enjoys and treasures her literature pockets.

Sample Pockets

The samples photographed below include the pockets we have completed so far. We are waiting until we have completed all of the stories to bind them into a book.

Henny Penny


The Brave Little Tailor

The Fisherman and his Wife

Final Recommendations Literature Pockets Folktales and Fairy Tales

I highly recommend using Evan-Moor’s Literature Pockets: Folktales and Fairy Tales, Grades 2-3. The activities are fun and work on important language arts skills (e.g., comprehension, writing, fine-motor) in a way that is engaging and interesting to many children. CLICK HERE to go to Evan-Moor’s website to purchase or for more information.

Evan-Moor flashcards and worbooks

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