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A Review of Evan-Moor’s Daily Higher-Order Thinking Book

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One of Evan Moor’s new book series for this year (2018) provides daily practice for higher-order thinking. These books are split by grade level and cover 30 weeks of instruction. I received a free promotional copy of this book to try out. I picked the first grade version and have been using it with one of my children for over a month. This review is based on the first grade level Higher-Order Thinking book.

Overview of Higher-Order Thinking

The Higher-Order Thinking book provides daily practice (Monday through Friday) with problem solving skills. Daily practice in the first grade book includes login puzzles, brain teasers, and other activities used to compare, group, identify, infer, and solve.


One of the best benefits of the Evan-Moor books I have used, including this Higher-Order Thinking book, is that the curriculum is truly open and go. The only preparation work for the instructor is printing out the page for the child or students. The activities are the right length for children to work through at each grade level. My 1st grader has enjoyed the activities that we have worked through in the Higher-Order Thinking book thus far.


The activities in the Higher-Order Thinking book are beneficial to practice, but not necessarily critical for a child’s educational progress.

Final Recommendations

The Higher-Order Thinking book includes age appropriate problem solving and thinking activities. Although I consider this book to be high quality, I would not necessarily consider it critical to include this book in a child’s daily learning activities. If a child is struggling with thinking skills, the extra practice may be beneficial. For children who are not struggling, the extra practice may be fun, but not really necessary.

To view sample pages from the reviewed book or from any Evan-Moor product, CLICK HERE to visit their website.

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