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Real Benefits of Using Evan-Moor Math Curriculum Products

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I switched our core homeschool math curriculum to Evan-Moor back in October of 2018. My original pick for the 2018-2019 school year fell short of my expectations and Evan-Moor seemed like it would be a great fit for my children’s learning needs. I have been pleased with the results. This article is my wrap-up post discussing the real benefits of using Evan-Moor as our core math curriculum. I received a copy of Math Fundamentals grade 2 and 5 in exchange for writing about our experiences.

Evan-Moor Math Curricular Options

Before moving on to the benefits of using Evan-Moor math products, here is a brief explanation and links of what you need to use Evan-Moor math as a core curriculum.

Complete Evan-Moor Core Curriculum Products

Math Fundamentals, Grade 5 - E-bookDaily Math Practice, Grade 5 - Teacher's Edition, Print

To get started using Evan-Moor Math, you will need to buy Math Fundamentals and Daily Math Practice per grade level. Math fundamentals is your instruction book. Daily Math Practice is the content to practice, assess, and monitor mastery of math skills.

CLICK HERE to read about how to use Evan-Moor as a core math curriculum.

CLICK HERE To read about how to switch to Evan-Moor math mid-year.

Extra Evan-Moor Math Supplements, As Needed

As you start using Math Fundamentals to teach grade level math concepts and Daily Math Practice to assess, practice, and monitor math concept mastery, you may find some skill areas that need a little boost. There are a couple of products you may want to add in to help a struggling math learner.

Daily Word Problems

For example, my children really struggle with word problems. I added in Daily Word Problems to provide a little extra practice to their daily math routine.

Building Math Fluency

Building Math Fluency, Grade 1 - E-book

My second grader really struggles with computing math facts. I added in Building Math Fluency to work on computation strategies for math facts to help. CLICK HERE to read my full review.

Real Parent/Teacher Benefits of Using Evan-Moor Math Curriculum Products

1) Easy to Use

One of the key traits of curriculum I look for as a busy homeschooling mom is a program that is easy to use. Evan-Moor is really an open-and-go curriculum. The instructional pages in Math Fundamentals are easy to teach and provide clear explanations for math concepts. The practice problems are ready to go each day with Daily Math Practice.

2) Easy to Adapt for Specialized Learning Needs

If you have children with specialized learning needs like I do, you know you will need to adapt any curriculum. While using other math curriculum, I would spend a lot of time copying problems (pages were visually overwhelming) and preparing their math work for the day. With Evan-Moor math, the only adaptations I have to make are adding in math manipulatives. Sometimes I need to add them into the instructional pages in Math Fundamentals to provide a kinesthetic experience. This is so easy as I just pull out my math manipulatives and follow along with what is already presented on the page. CLICK HERE to see an example of how I taught 3-digit place value using Math Fundamentals and base-10 blocks.

3) I know exactly which grade level concepts are mastered and which need additional practice and teaching

When I was using other math curriculum, I didn’t have the clear picture that I have now of my children’s math skills. This makes all the difference in ensuring mastery of math concepts. I am able to reteach or remediate math skills as needed and ensure my children do not end up with gaps in their math instruction. CLICK HERE to read about how to use Daily Math Practice to assess, remediate, and monitor math progress.

Real Child Benefits of Using Evan-Moor Math Curriculum Products

1) Builds Confidence

A couple of weeks after switching to Evan-Moor math, my daughter said, “Mommy, why am I good at math now?” Her other math curriculum was overwhelming for her, making her feel like she was bad at math. Switching to Evan-Moor products didn’t cure her math struggles, but having a curriculum that presents information in a way that is clear, in manageable chunks, was just what she needed to feel like she was successful in math.

2) Real Progress in Math Concepts

Normally I avoid spiral math curricula, but the combined approach in Evan-Moor results in real progress and mastery. The Math Fundamentals pages teach the grade-level math concepts. The Daily Math practice pages provide a spiral review of those concepts. Children have the regular and review practice they need to truly master the math concepts covered. I know they are making progress based on their success in accurately completing the practice problems in Daily Math Practice.

3) Eliminates Busywork

Do your children complain about completing a whole page of math? I liked math as a child and didn’t mind completing pages of math problems, but that really wasn’t necessary. Daily math practice has the child complete 5 math problems per day. This is really realistic for any child. CLICK HERE to read my review of Daily Math Practice. When you have a program that provides just enough practice for review and mastery, you get real progress without busywork.

What if I hate Common Core?

I know there is some opposition in the homeschooling community to common core math. The issue seems to be that common core math requires students to break numbers apart to calculate math problems rather than just being taught the traditional calculation procedures. Whether you are for or against common core, Evan-Moor math products are easy to use and adapt to your style. The practice problems in Daily Math Practice do not dictate that answers have to be calculated in a certain way. The instructions in Math Fundamentals do teach various ways to approach math problems, including breaking numbers apart, but if your child doesn’t get it, you can easily present the concept the traditional way.

Final Thoughts on the Benefits of Using Evan-Moor Math

I have been very pleased with my children’s math progress using Evan-Moor math products. One of the greatest benefits of using Evan-Moor math is that my children are learning the needed math concepts without becoming overwhelmed. The number of practice problems in Daily Math Practice is very manageable for my children. The concepts taught in Math Fundamentals are also presented clearly in manageable chunks. This math curriculum has really been a perfect fit for my children.

Daily practice titles from Evan-Moor, trusted by teachers and ideal for students



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  1. Well said, Emily.

    Using Evan-Moor in our homeschooling has simplified teaching math for us. We can cover things in such a focused way that is reduces overwhelm in my kids.

    Thank you for sharing how you use Evan-Moor math in your homeschooling. You can so many great posts about how homeschoolers can easily use it!

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