How to use Evan-Moor math as a complete math curriculum

How to Use Evan-Moor Math as a Complete Math Curriculum

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I have used and loved Evan-Moor products as long as I have been homeschooling. Previously, I used Evan-Moor math products as a supplement to my core math curriculum. With the development and release of Evan-Moor’s Math Fundamentals books, Evan-Moor can now be used as a complete math curriculum. I was excited about the prospect of using Evan-Moor math and contacted the company. I received Math Fundamentals for grades 2 and 4 in exchange for writing about my experiences.

Why Make the Switch?

Evan-Moor produces quality products that align with grade level standards for education. I switched from my previous curriculum with confidence that the instruction is clear and that there would be no gaps in my children’s math education.

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What to Buy








In order to have a complete math curriculum, you will need to buy Math Fundamentals and Daily Math Practice. The Math Fundamentals book teaches the grade level math concepts. The Daily Math Practice book provides practice for concept mastery. These books can be purchased separately in an e-book or printed book format. The printed version can also be purchased in a special homeschool bundle priced at a 25% discount.

CLICK HERE to buy Math Fundamentals. CLICK HERE to buy Daily Math Practice.

CLICK HERE to go to the discounted homeschool bundles.

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Recommended Resources

Evan-Moor provides homeschool pacing guides for their products. Click the grade level listed below to go to the corresponding Evan-Moor Pacing Guide.

How to Get Started

Find the Suggested Teaching Sequence

The suggested teaching sequence is located in the Math Fundamentals books on page 7 or 8. The sample above is from the 5th grade Math Fundamentals book. Follow the suggested instructional sequence or adjust as desired.

Plan out your Progression Rate

The daily math practice books include 36 weeks of content. The Math Fundamentals book will also provide about 36 weeks of instruction completing 1-2 sections per week (see the homeschool pacing guides above for Evan-Moor’s specific grade level recommendations). You can slow down or speed up instruction as needed.

Start Using the Evan-Moor Math Curriculum

This curriculum is open-and-go. Either print the pages you need for the week or open your books and get started.

Special Circumstances

CLICK HERE to read about how to switch to Evan-Moor math mid-year.

Accelerate Learning to Catch up a Child Behind Grade Level or to Challenge a Gifted Child

CLICK HERE to read about how to use Evan-Moor math to catch your child up to grade level. You can use the same process to accelerate instruction for an advanced or gifted learner.

Need Additional Practice Content?

Evan-Moor also has a Daily Word Problem practice book that you could add in to the daily practice routine to stretch daily math practice beyond 36 weeks. I homeschool year round and plan on adding in the Daily Word Problem book to extend our math activities to last the whole year. CLICK HERE to go to Evan-Moor’s Daily Practice series.

Special Needs Children

I have been using Evan-Moor products with my special needs children and the products are working well. Two of my autistic children are working above grade level and are advanced math learners. One of those children really struggles with attention to school work. Another child really struggles with math and becomes easily overwhelmed. Evan-Moor math has been a great fit for my children for the following reasons:

  • Visual layout of the pages is clear and uncluttered.
  • Amount of work is perfect for children with short attention spans, but still enough for mastering concepts.
  • It is easy to adjust the learning pace to match each of my children’s learning needs.

Once I switched to Evan-Moor math, I stopped having to modify curriculum. It has saved me a lot of time. The only adjustment I have made was to add in math maniupluatives for my kinesthetic learner. I just followed along with the visual lesson and added in math maniuplatives to make the lesson hands-on. CLICK HERE to read an example of how to make the Math Fundamentals lessons kinesthetic with math manipulatives.

Monitor Progress

The Daily Math Practice book provides practice for mastery, but can also be used as an informal assessment. If you notice your child is missing math concepts already taught, review and practice those concepts to ensure content mastery.


I love Evan-Moor math. The curriculum provides clear instruction and just the right amount of practice and review for concept mastery. The learning pace of the Evan-Moor math curriculum is easy to adjust for each individual child. This high quality math curriculum is easy to use. I highly recommend using Evan-Moor math products as a complete math curriculum.



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  1. As a parent that has one child who LOVES math and another child who struggles with it, I will say that I completely agree with you.

    Evan-Moor math has save us so much time (both with planning and teaching) because it is so focused and flexible. It really does work for both type of math learners.

    Thank you for sharing this in your post!

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