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Beast Academy Math: A Curriculum Review

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In my search for curriculum, I had frequently heard about Beast Academy math and have seen in recommended in groups/forums who work with gifted children. This review is based on my experiences trying Beast Academy math (4th grade book A) during the 2017 Fall semester with my child.

Overview of Beast Academy Math

Beast Academy Math is a math curriculum where the instructional texts (reusable) are written in comic book form. The accompanying workbooks (consumable) are designed to practice the concepts learned in the textbook. The instructional texts are colorful and filled with monster-type characters who explore and explain math concepts. Currently, Beast Academy Math books are available for 2nd through 5th grade levels.


Sample texts and workbook pages can be found on the Beast Academy website for review. I showed my child the sample comic book type text and he liked it. He does enjoy reading the instructional texts as the content is presented in a fun way. The comic book format will likely appeal to children who enjoy comic books.


This was a program I really wanted to love and have work, but it ended up not being a good fit for my child. The workbook problems are very challenging and we ended up skipping a huge chunk of them. Although he is working 2 years above grade level in math, we went back one grade level for Beast Academy and the challenge problems were still too difficult.

Conclusions and Final Recommendations

The Beast Academy Math curriculum may be a good fit for children who are gifted and working at grade level math. The grade level content is challenging. If your child is gifted and working above grade level, the content may still be too challenging. I would not recommend this curriculum for children with average learning abilities or learning disabilities. Although the instructional texts present math concepts in an interesting way, the accompanying workbooks will probably only be a good fit for gifted children who need more challenging content at grade level.

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