a review of evan-moor's the never bored kids book, learn with emily dot com

A Review of Evan-Moor’s The Never-Bored Kid Book, Ages 6-7

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Do your kids ever complain about being bored? Mine do from time to time. It is nice to have something fun to fill the time when other activities and creative play just aren’t holding their interest. The Never-Bored Kid book is a great option for providing fun ways to fill the time, while also practicing age-appropriate skills. I received a copy of The Never-Bored Kid Book, for ages 6-7 in exchange for this review.

Overview of the Never-Bored Kid Book

The Never-Bored Kid Book” for ages 6-7 provides fun activities to entertain a first to second grader while also working on visual discrimination, sequencing, reading, and critical thinking skills. Small muscle coordination is also addressed through cutting and folding. Children will follow directions to complete activities and can also use their creative thinking skills. These skills are addressed through 17 themes. The pages are colorful and fun to complete. A full answer key is included in the back for mazes, puzzles, word finds, and dot-to-dots.

A great gift idea for kids! The Never-Bored Kid Activity Books are entertaining and educational. Each activity book includes colorful games, puzzles, and crafts.


In order to complete the projects in this “Never-Bored Kid Book,” you will need basic supplies as follows:

  • scissors
  • glue
  • clear tape
  • coloring and writing supplies
  • 2 empty toilet paper roll tubes
  • a paper lunch bag (to make a puppet)
  • string or yarn
  • a hanger (for a mobile)
  • drinking straw or pencil
  • hole punch


the never bored kid book, learn with emily dot com

Kid Approved!

My 7 year old loves crafts and when I showed her the previews of the Never-Bored books online, she thought she would like to try it out. She was excited to open her box when it arrived and started using it right away. I had to take another child to an appointment and she worked on the activities the entire time. When I came back, she showed me everything she had made and said, “Mommy, I like this book!”

Mom Approved!

My daughter has had fun with this book. One day I was trying to get some sewing projects done and needed to keep my 7 year old occupied. She was content to sit by me and do her “Never-Bored Kid Book.” It was a great way too spend time getting my projects done while she did hers. We talked and just had fun being together while we did our projects.

Fun Activities!

I took some photos a few of the crafts from the themed units to give you an idea of how fun these projects are.

Puppy Craft

This puppy craft is one of my favorites from the book. Didn’t he turn out so cute? He is able to stand up on his own with the help of an empty toilet paper tube.

Hanging Monkeys

My daughter had fun linking these moneys together. She showed me how she used tape so they wouldn’t fall apart as she walked around or played with them.


Fish Projects

This fun fish is assembled by sequencing the body parts. My daughter chose clear tape to secure the sections in place.

The origami fish in the bowl turned out cute too. Although my daughter was able to cut out the fish independently, she did need some help folding the paper into the fish shape. The lines were marked on the fish and the directions show how to complete the project.

Lady Bugs

More orgami with these ladybugs. These ones were easier to fold than the fish and also have a page for gluing in place or pretend play.

Final Recommendations

My 7 year old loved this book and I would definitely recommend it to others. There are book options for Pre-K to 4th grade children. These books would make a great Christmas stocking stuffer or Easter Basket filler too. CLICK HERE to learn more about “The Never-Bored Kid Book” on Evan-Moor’s website!

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