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A Review of Evan-Moor’s Skill Sharpeners Science Grade 1 Activity Book

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During the past school year, I had my advanced kindergartener using Evan-Moor’s first grade Daily Science Practice book. CLICK HERE to read my review of Daily Science Practice. Since we homeschool year-round, he finished all of the lessons before the next school year. I thought we would just read a first grade science textbook next, but he missed his Evan-Moor’s Daily Science practice pages. He asked where they were and said he still wanted to do them. Rather than start the 2nd grade Daily Science already, I wanted to find another source for 1st grade science. Evan-Moor’s Skill Sharpeners Science first grade activity book seemed like it would be a great fit. I received a free copy in exchange for this review.

Overview of Skill Sharpeners Science Activity Books

Evan-Moor Skill Sharpeners: Science, Grade 1 - Activity Book

First Grade Science Activity Book

The first grade science activity book contains the following units:

  • Physical Science
  • Life Science
  • Space and Earth Science
  • Environment and Ecology Science
  • Engineering and Design

Each unit has one or more sections covering specific topics. For example, the physical science unit covers sound, light, shadows, and technology.

skill sharpeners science

Each section begins with two pages to teach the new concept. The written portion of these pages are enhanced with full color photographs and drawings.

skill sharpeners science

Next, there are activity pages that support visual literacy and vocabulary development.








Each topic (e.g., leaves) ends with a hands-on activity. These activities are fun and engaging and help connect the concept to a real-life experience.

Additional Skill Sharpeners Science Activity Books:

Although this review only covers the first grade Skill Sharpeners Science Activity book, other grade levels are available. If you have a preschooler through a 6th grader, there is a Science Activity book for your child. CLICK HERE to go to Evan-Moor’s website for more details. You can view sample pages and see the content breakdown for each available book.

Benefits of Skill Sharpeners Science

Aligns with Grade Level Science Standards for Education

As a former certified teacher and college professor, I want a quality science curriculum for my children that I can be confident covers grade-level concepts. Evan-Moor products are designed to meet the published content standards and I can use their products with confidence that my children will have a well-rounded education in each subject area. You can even go to the Evan-Moor website for each product and see for yourself how they align with state or national standards under the “correlations” section.


skill sharpeners science

With a houseful of kids, I just don’t have time to plan out curriculum and lessons. This leads me to only pick curriculum that is in an open-and-go format. Homeschool curriculum quality and style will vary depending on the source, but Evan-Moor products are professionally done and designed. They are easy to use and definitely fit my open-and-go criteria.

Full Color Fun

skill sharpeners scienceskill sharpeners science

I print out most of our curriculum at home in black and white. It is a nice contrast and change of pace to have something in full color. My son loves his full color science activity workbook. At first, he did not want to write in it as the photographs, font, and colors were so attractive. He has really enjoyed all of the projects and activities we have done so far. I thought that maybe the word searches or word unscrambles would be too difficult for him, but he can do them and is excited to complete each page.

Realistic Science Project Materials

I am the worst when it comes to completing science projects or demonstrations. I just cannot pull the materials together to actually do them. The ending projects for each section in this Science Activity book are actually very realistic for a busy mom to gather. They use materials I already have on hand, like basic art supplies. The leaf rubbing activity was easy too. I just went out in the backyard and picked a few leaves from different trees and we were ready to begin our crayon rubbings.

Sample Work

Just because I love the way small children draw out their creative ideas, here are two more page samples:

On this page, my child drew a computer, his favorite technology.




skill sharpeners science

For the animal and egg topic, my son drew a ladybug with a lot of eggs on the leaf.

Final Recommendations on Skill Sharpeners Science

I highly recommend the Skill Sharpeners Science Activity book. My son is really enjoying his workbook and the activities in it. I like how easy it is to use and that the science projects are realistic and simple for me to prepare as a busy homeschooling mom.

Skill Sharpeners for Grades PreK, K, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6


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  1. How terrific that your son wanted to do more science!

    Thank you for sharing so many of the features of the Skill Sharpeners Science! We are using this for our homeschooling this year, too! 🙂

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