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A Review of Evan-Moor’s Jumbo Fun with the Alphabet

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When I was searching for school activities for my preschooler over the summer, I came across Evan-Moor’s Jumbo fun with the Alphabet activity book and decided to buy it. Now that I have used this book for a few months with my children, I feel I can give an accurate review.

Just for reference, my preschooler is 3 years old. I set out “school work” for her to complete as she desires.

Overview of Evan-Moor’s Jumbo Fun with the Alphabet

Jumbo Fun with the Alphabet

Evan-Moor’s Jumbo Fun with the Alphabet is advertised for pre-K through 1st grade and contains a phonics page, drawing page, dot-to-dot/handwriting page, mini-book, and art activity for each letter of the alphabet. Most of the sample pages photographed below were completed by my 3-year-old with minimal help.

Phonics Page

The phonics pages present an array of 4 pictures for the child to find the 3 that start with the target letter/sound. Those are cut out and glued on or around a drawing of something else that starts with the target letter. Depending on the age of the child, these can be completed independently or done with the parent/teacher. Younger preschoolers may need the teacher/parent to model how to listen for the first sound and see if it is the same as the target letter. My preschooler is has strong cutting skills and can cut the pictures out herself, but other children may benefit more if the picture choices are pre-cut for them. I do have to help my preschooler with selecting the correct pictures as her phonics related skills are just emerging.

Drawing Page

The drawing pages start with a base shape and then provide a model of 3 series of things to add to the picture. When I first bought this book, I wasn’t sure if my preschooler would be able to complete this page, but she can do it independently. Sometimes she also adds in her own creative flair into the drawings, which I love. This is my favorite activity in Jumbo Fun with the Alphabet as I am excited to see what my preschooler does with each page. My favorite so far is how she added herself on the back of the koala.

Dot-to-dot/handwriting Page








I initially skipped the dot-to-dot/handwriting pages with my preschooler as I thought they would be too difficult for a 3-year-old. Prior to writing this review, I tried them out with my 3-, 5-, and 7-year-old children just to see how they would do with the pages. I am shocked to say that my preschooler could do the dot-to-dot with a little guidance. Another day she traced the letters and words. I am no longer skipping these pages. Two options are included for each letter, only varying in the font style of the handwriting portion of the page. So, you can pick which one better fits your handwriting style preference.






The mini-books are a short 4 page story that is folded into a book from a single page. The child can color the book and then depending on their reading skills, you can read the mini-book to them, with them, or use as reading practice.

Art activity

Each art activity involves coloring, cutting, assembling/pasting an animal that starts with the target letter. My preschooler is able to look at the model and create these mostly by herself. She will occasionally need help with cutting. On the lamb sample, she colored the words “pink” without any help, but asked me to come over and help cut out the lamb around the curves.



Evan-Moor’s Jumbo Fun with the Alphabet book really is fun. Although I bought this book to use with my preschooler, my 2nd grader insists on having copies of everything too. She does not want to miss out on the fun.

Minimal Preparation Time and Supplies

The activities require minimal preparation time and supplies. I have the e-version of Jumbo Fun with the Alphabet and it only takes minutes to print out what I need for the week. You will need crayons or markers, scissors, and glue. I also use a half sheet of construction paper for the Art Activity pages.

Learn the Alphabet

The included activities can be used on their own to teach and provide exposure to letter names and sounds. They can also be used as a supplement to other alphabet-related curriculum or as a way to support learning the alphabet names and sounds through play. CLICK HERE to read my recommendations for Alphabet toys that can also be used to learn letter names and sounds.


Children who are not interested in drawing, crafting, cutting, etc. may not find these activities as fun as my girls did.

Final Recommendations

I do highly recommend buying and using Evan-Moor’s Jumbo Fun with the Alphabet. My children really have a lot of fun with the included alphabet activities. CLICK HERE to go to Evan-Moor’s website to buy either the pdf or print version. CLICK HERE to buy a print version from Amazon.

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