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A Review of Evan-Moor’s Daily Science Practice

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Does your state require science instruction? Evan-Moor has a great product to teach your child grade-level science concepts. This review is based on my experience using Evan-Moor’s Daily Science Grade 1 E-book.

Daily Science, Grade 1 - Teacher's Edition, Print

Overview of Evan-Moor’s Daily Science books

Evan-Moor’s Daily Science first grade book includes six 5-week units covering first grade level science concepts. Each unit is split into a “Big Idea,” such as “Living thinks have basic needs.” The first 4 weeks of the unit are spent learning concepts supporting the Big Idea. The 5th week is spent on reviewing the unit and includes comprehension, vocabulary, and visual literacy activities. The unit ends with a simple hands-on activity related to the big idea.

Unit Introduction












Each unit includes an introduction page explaining the Big Idea. Key science concepts and science standards are listed. These standards can help you keep track of which science concepts your child is learning. The introduction page also includes background information on the big idea so the instructor can teach the content with confidence.











An overview of the next 4 weeks is included as well as a summary of each of the weeks in the unit.

Teacher Pages

Each week, a teacher lesson page provides even more background information specific to each week. The teacher pages also include suggestions on how to present the daily activities.

Student Pages

Student pages are included for 5 days each week. The first 4 days cover the concepts and the 5th day is “A Weekly Question” that can serve as an assessment to check for comprehension and understanding of the science concept learned.

Benefits of using Evan-Moor’s Daily Science books

Aligns with Grade-Level Science Standards

My experiences with Evan-Moor have shown me that this publisher works hard to create well-designed, useful products that align with grade level standards. You can be confident that your child will cover all of the content required at their grade level using this product. Your child will not have gaps in their science knowledge.


Lessons require no preparation time. The lessons are easy to present and provide short daily practice for mastering the science concepts.

Visual Content

Evan-Moor uses appropriate font sizes for each grade level and has a visually pleasing page layout.


If your child has difficulty with writing, you can simplify the worksheet format by allowing dictation or tracing. Overall, the first grade book requires minimal writing.

Uses for Evan-Moor’s Daily Science books

  • Use as your core science curriculum with confidence your child will cover all grade level science concept.
  • Use as a supplement to your core science curriculum to fill in content gaps.
  • Use as a supplement to other science curriculum as a support or review to content being covered.

Final Recommendations

Although I used the first grade Evan-Moor’s Daily Science book in previous year with an older sibling, I started using Evan-Moor’s Daily Science book this year as I was falling behind on our other science curriculum. Although I like the other curriculum we are using, I have personally have difficulty getting materials prepared for the lessons. I just do not have time.  Evan-Moor’s book is so easy to use that I knew I needed to use it again this year. I am confident my child’s first grade science knowledge will be complete with this book.

I highly recommend using Evan-Moor’s Daily Science books as either your core science curriculum or as a supplement to ensure your child does not have any gaps in grade level science knowledge.

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