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6 Reasons to Switch to Evan-Moor Math Curriculum

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Although I have been using Evan-Moor math products for more than 5 years as a supplement to my core math curriculum, the release of Evan-Moor’s Math Fundamentals has been a complete game changer for me. Evan-Moor’s Math Fundamentals combined with Evan-Moor’s Daily Math Practice work together as a complete math curriculum. I made the switch to Evan-Moor math as my core math curriculum. This article described 6 great reasons to switch to Evan-Moor math.

What is Evan-Moor Math Curriculum?








The Evan-Moor Math core curriculum consists of Math Fundamentals and Daily Math Practice. You will need both of these books to use Evan-Moor as a complete curriculum. CLICK HERE to learn more about Evan-Moor’s discounted homeschool bundles.

CLICK HERE to read about how to use Evan-Moor products as a core math curriculum.

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6 Reasons to Switch to Evan-Moor Math Curriculum

1) Aligns with Educational Math Standards

Evan-Moor math aligns with grade level educational math standards. This means that when you use Evan-Moor math products, you can be confident that your child will cover all of the required content for their grade level. There will be no gaps in instruction.

2) Open-and-Go

As a homeschooling parent, I don’t have time to prepare lessons. I search out and find quality open-and-go curriculum that will save me time. I was spending too much time adapting our previous math curriculum for my children’s learning needs. Evan-Moor math is truly an open-and-go math curriculum that saves me time and is easy to teach and implement.

3) Easy to switch from another curriculum

As I mentioned in the previous section, I switched to Evan-Moor math from another curriculum. I did this mid-school year to save me preparation time and with confidence that Evan-Moor math word be a better fit for my childrens’ learning needs. Math Fundamentals lists the concepts covered and it is easy to go through what was covered in our previous curriculum and what sections we would use to finish out the school year with Evan-Moor math.

CLICK HERE to read about how I switched to Evan-Moor mid year with my child completing 5th grade math.

4) Use to catch your behind child up to grade level or to accelerate an advanced learner

Evan-Moor math products teach the needed concepts for each grade level clearly and cut out all of the fluff. There is just enough review and practice in the Daily Math Practice books for content mastery. Because there is no fluff or busywork in the Evan-Moor math curriculum, Evan-Moor math is perfect for accelerating learning for children 1) who are behind in math, or 2) who are gifted or advanced learners.

CLICK HERE to read about how to use Evan-Moor math to accelerate learning to catch your child up to grade level or for a gifted learner.

5) Affordable

I really don’t want to talk about how much money I have wasted on math curriculum that did not work out. Math curriculum can be very expensive. Evan-Moor math products are reasonably priced. Full price for each grade level, the Math Fundamentals book costs around $20 and the Daily Math Practice book costs around $22. You can also buy the print version in a special homeschool bundle at an everyday included discount of 25%.

CLICK HERE to learn more about Evan-Moor’s discounted homeschool bundles.

6) Easy to accommodate various learning needs

I made the switch to from my previous favorite curriculum to Evan-Moor as I was spending too much time adjusting the curriculum to my children’s learning needs. Evan-Moor has saved me so much time. The Math Fundamentals book clearly teaches the math concepts. Drawings and diagrams are provided to illustrate the concepts. The teaching is very visual and clear. CLICK HERE to read my review of Math Fundamentals.

Kinesthetic Learners

For my kinesthetic learner, I add in math manipulatives to go with the illustration to make learning the concepts more hand-on. This is very easy to do and does not take me any extra preparation time. CLICK HERE to read about how I added in manipulatives to teach my kinesthetic learner 3-digit place value concepts.

Children with Attention Difficulties

For my child with limited attention skills, the lessons in Math Fundamentals and the practice problems in Daily Math Practice are the perfect length to provide mastery without busywork. The font is the perfect size for each grade level. The pages are uncluttered. I no longer have to reduce or rewrite math problems. CLICK HERE to read my review of Daily Math Practice.

Conclusion on 6 Reason to Switch to Evan-Moor Math

Evan-Moor math is a high quality curriculum without any busywork or fluff. You can switch with confidence that the curriculum is affordable, easy to use and implement, and can be adapted to your child’s learning needs without leaving any gaps in instruction.

CLICK HERE to read about how to use Evan-Moor math products to assess, remediate, and monitor math progress to facilitate and ensure skill mastery.

CLICK HERE to go to Evan-Moor’s website to learn more about their homeschool bundles and math bundles.
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