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3 Benefits of a Special Education Facebook Community

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A community is a group of people who share a common trait. This trait may include social norms, such as values or religion, or be the result of residing in the same geographic area. In our Special Education Facebook Community, we do not share a geographic location, but we do share an interest in supporting children who have learning or behavioral needs. These children require support and understanding within their local geographic communities. The community members (e.g., families, doctors, therapists, etc.) who work to support these individuals will benefit from participating in our Special Education Facebook community. Although there are many advantages to doing our virtual community, three of the top benefits include gaining knowledge, getting support, and making connections.

3 Benefits for Participating in our Special Education Facebook Community

1. Gain knowledge

Knowledge is power. As you read and participate in discussions, you will learn from others in the group as each individual shares their experiences and expertise. You can gain perspective as you understand different points-of-view and experiences. The knowledge gained will not only benefit your own situation, but can also be used to promote awareness and acceptance for learning and behavioral differences.

2. Get Support

If you have questions about your specific situation, you will be able to ask other people who will understand. If they do not have solutions for your specific situation, they may have suggestions for other resources.

3. Make Connections

It can really help to know that others have a similar experience. You will realize that you are not alone. You may feel inspired by other members. You may get ideas of things to implement. You can share your personal expertise. Become a leader of acceptance and understanding for individuals who have learning and behavioral challenges.

Participation in a Special Education Facebook community can serve as a learning resource for families, caregivers, or other community members who support individuals who have learning and behavioral differences. Join our Special Education Facebook Community to learn, get support, and make connections with other people who work with children who have similar needs.

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