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Must Have Thanksgiving Picture Books

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Picture books are a fun way to celebrate traditional holidays. Although I am not a vegetarian and personally enjoy eating turkey, I absolutely love Thanksgiving Picture books where they turkeys are saved from becoming dinner.

Thanksgiving Picture Books

‘Twas the Night Before ThanksgivingIn this fun book, children go on a field trip to a farm on the day before Thanksgiving. The farmer is about to kill his turkey’s, but the children save the day. 

A Plump and Perky Turkey
In this book, the town tries to trick a turkey into becoming their Thanksgiving feast. The town advertises for a turkey model for the town’s art show. A turkey shows up for the job, but does get away in the end.

Turkey Trouble
I just ordered this Amazon best seller after looking at the preview. This book follows the theme of the turkey trying to escape Thanksgiving dinner. The turkey comes up with disguises to save his life.

10 Fat Turkeys
Although this turkey-themed book is not exactly Thanksgiving related, it is a fun addition to a Thanksgiving picture book collection for preschoolers and children in the primary grades. In this counting book, 10 turkeys sit on a fence. Each one in turn does something silly and falls off, leaving one less turkey on the fence.

Educational Uses for Thanksgiving Picture Books

Thanksgiving picture books may be a fun way for children to practice reading fluency and comprehension skills. CLICK HERE to read about methods that can be used to improve reading fluency. CLICK HERE to read methods for improve reading comprehension skills.

Conclusion on Thanksgiving Picture Books

I hope you enjoy these Thanksgiving picture books as much as I do. As time permits, I will post activities and a sensory bin to use with these Thanksgiving picture books this month.

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