How to assess reading prerequisite visual discrimination skills, click here for instructions and free printable, learn with emily dot com

How to Assess Visual Discrimination Skills

Visual discrimination is the ability to distinguish the similarities and differences in the detail of visual input. Visual discrimination is a prerequisite skill for learning to read printed text. There are many layers of visual discrimination, progressing from objects to combinations of letters. This article provides the information you need to evaluate if a child […]

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image of chalkboard with simple words and the caption: what are the prerequisite skills for reading? click here to learn more, learn with emily dot com

What are the Prerequisite Skills for Reading?

The purpose of reading instruction is silent reading comprehension. The three components that contribute to silent reading comprehension are word identification, whole-text print processing, and language comprehension. This post will address word identification, namely, the methods and prerequisite skills for reading individual words. (McCauley & Fey, 2006) There are two direct approaches for teaching word […]

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how to complete and analyze a reading fluency graph. click here for instructions and a free printable, learn with emily dot com

How to Complete and Analyze a Reading Fluency Graph

Running records can be used to evaluate a reading program’s effectiveness over time. In order to evaluate if the current program is sufficient, you will need to complete and analyze a reading fluency graph. How to graph your own results: 1) Download and print this free document: FluencyDataSheetFree 2) Determine the expected fluency rate for your […]

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photo of girl in hat sitting on grass reading a book with the caption: factors influencing silent reading comprehension

Factors Influencing Silent Reading Comprehension

Reading is a complex process. The early grades focus on decoding and recognizing words. The words are then strung into sentences, paragraphs, and longer passages. The student is supposed to have silent reading comprehension by reading at the rate of natural speech while simultaneously processing the same information. The Ultimate Goal of Reading Instruction is […]

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